Saturday, 6 February 2016

Help I can't swim!

Episode 1

What space do I have?

Now that we are into the first article, I thought its time to show what I have acquired over the years from friends and retailers whether its purchases or trades it all counts right?  This blogging stuff is new to me and so I'm going to attempt to add a video and pictures and try not to say to much on this blog. So... here we go!

Your probably thinking at this point thought you were just into Transformers, well, I actually like quite a lot of sci-fi/superhero's/space orientated stuff :)  The Funko collection is both mine and my wife's, and the small animal collection is just hers!

As for all the stuff in boxes........ well thats currently on my mind!

My aim tho is to bring you a series of reviews from my collection with an honest and open opinion on whether the things I look at are good or bad!

What to put in the next episode.... wait and see!