Insecticons are in our way...... (Transformers)

Episode 4

A Little Heavy On The Electrons, Electronsssss

Enter Badcube!

Turning the clock back 12 months it was heavily on my mind that my collection had very little on the bad guys!  Along came the Third Party Badcube with their take on Masterpiece styled Insecticons!  The first release was their value set, basically the trio of Insect Decepticons bundled into one box.

picture from the net!

another picture from the net!

The reviews came and were very favourable for these from badcube, the reputation for quality with their previous releases of Brawn, Outback and Warpath were great, and thus they had got my attention.  Then the news that they would be released as a more MP variant with die cast parts really grabbed my interest!

A clear version was also made but very rare and found randomly in boxes!

My mind was made up, the MP version would be bought when it was released, I just had to find a retailer!
Then my good friend Morgan put an update to his Masterforce online store that he would be getting this version and after a conversation with this excellent chap mine were secured!

Nice Glossy boxes!
Time to Munch Metal!

Claymore a.k.a Shrapnel

Hypno a.k.a Bombshell

Kickbutt a.k.a Kickback

(The "Maz Running Pose") photo by Matt Dobie!

Weapon Storage

These fit my Masterpiece requirements lovely.  Very pleased with the final quality, the die cast in these versions does not make these feel overweight and actually balances the figures nicely, and the paint scheme and articulation are second to none!  My fave was Claymore, could you tell?

Claymore is the easiest to get to grips with and then Hypno and Kickbutt for which you may need to watch a you tube video or have a Matt Dobie guiding you (thanks dude!).  The weapon storage in bug mode is fantastic, a brilliant idea and shows how clever the badcube designer is!  I'm not here to tell you to buy them but for a modern collector if you do I don't think you will be disappointed!  

I like both versions of Fanstoys and Badcubes Bombshell!

To not buy these is highly illogical!

Delicious...... a little heavy on the ...

Time to Clamp-down (Thanks Spurt for selling me your custom!)

These figures have amazing articulation too.   In  my opinion these are definitely keepers!  Again I would just like to say these are fantastic and a special thanks to my friend Morgan at Masterforce for his help in getting these! I hope you enjoyed this blog, until next time see you around!

Thanks to

Daim Choc Reports
Matt Dobie
Spurt Renolds  
My Mentors
And my darling Katy who thinks I am getting a repair quote for our car!

And thanks to the g1 series for the inspiration of these brilliant toys!