Funko Pop Unmasked Finn

Looking At Star Wars The Force Awakens Finn

Hello and welcome back to this weeks review!  Since the last review I have been playing more with the camera and trying to find the best ways to take photos for you.  I have now got the light box up and running so hopefully you will now see a vast different in the quality of my photos!

Setting up the light box!

After a bit of thought I decided that this week we will be looking at Funko Pop Unmasked Finn from the new Star Wars The Force Awakens Film.

Here's an advance warning..... their may be spoilers ahead if you have not watched the film.  I thoroughly recommend watching the new film, I had the privilege of going to the cinema with some very good friends and we all agreed it was a fantastic film.  Recently its been released on Blu-Ray and DVD which the lovely Katy got me for my birthday!

Blu Ray cover!

So last warning of spoilers.....

Here we go....

Finns story begins with The First Order (kind the new empire)  attacking a small planet looking for the person who has the map to find Luke Skywalker.  Originally designated Stormtrooper FN-2187 he is aboard one of the ships that delivers the troops to the planets.  Its his first mission and he is horrified at the cruelty of the First Order.  The First Order kills all the hostages except for the rebel pilot Poe Dameron who they want information from and take back to their Star Destroyer as their prisoner. FN - 2187 is ordered for reconditioning by his superiors who have noticed him not willing to follow their orders and decides to rescue Poe.  After saving Poe, Poe re-names FN - 2187 to Finn and they steal a Tie Fighter to escape.  For the rest you will have to watch the Film!

Freeing Poe

Lets look at the Funko Pop

In the UK this Funko Pop was released as a  Toys R Us Exclusive.  However I would once again like to give thanks to the wonderful people at Masterforce and their supplier who delivered me this one.  Note the Underground Toys Exclusive Sticker!

In box!

Top of box........ check out the new film advisory!

Non Windowed side of box!

Number 76!

Others to collect!

Bottom of the box!

In clamshell!

Front view!

Side view!

Back view!

Other side!

Head close up!

Identification on bottom of the plate!

Looks great with other figures!

This is a fantastic Funko Pop.   He has the bobblehead feature like the rest of the Star Wars characters. Great detailing on the Stormtrooper uniform and a lovely detailed weapon.  I'd say fantastic paintscheme but for the most part its the white of the Stormtrooper uniform.  Finn looks awesome with your other figures and I think would look great if you could put him with other Stormtroopers or members of the Empire.  Just going to point out now that their is a regular release version of him out of his Stormtrooper outfit and that version is probably the easier to pick up from retailers.

Nothing bad to report.  Pop is nicely done all around.  I was pleased with my purchase I think you will be if you decide to buy this version of Finn!

Hope you enjoyed the review, see you next time! 

Special Thanks

Star Wars The Force Awakens and everyone at Disney and Lucusarts involved with the film
Emalie, Matt, Jimmy and JT
My Mentors!
Katy for letting me get a nap this afternoon!

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"Dude your in the wrong film!"

"Bit warm wearing this uniform in the desert!"


  1. Well I was a late watcher of the movie but it turned ok decent. I really enjoyed this funko review mate. Keep this up please! Nice little stand this comes on too. Great pics!

    1. Thanks Chris, always great to see you comment on my blog! Girls and boys check out 6shot changer on youtube his reviews are EPIC!

  2. Great as always Roger! You did miss an "S" at the end of Awakens up top lmao

  3. Ha Ha "Edits whilst JT isnt looking" XD