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Hi guys, well its been a week since the last review and I am slowly getting used to my new camera!  Thanks to all my readers, I really do hope your enjoying the articles! Lets start shall we!

This week whilst looking around the collection I was thinking what to review for you and then remembered that I had picked up something a few weeks back that just shouted "review me".  This Funko Item was also one of the amazing Marvel films released last year too! So for this weeks review we are going to look at Ant-man and Anthony the Funko Pop Ride!

Quick Origin of the Pop

One of Marvels recent entry's to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ant-Man brings us a new hero, Scott Lang who dons the Ant-Man suit and learns how to communicate with ants and how they can become his greatest allies!  The Carpenter Ant that Scott affectionately calls Anthony becomes his trusted steed for flying missions.  Please watch the film for the rest of the story and/or read the Comic book version to learn more of this amazing duo!  (I don't do Spoilers even tho the films been out for at least a year!)

Anthony and Ant-Man from the Film!

Available on DVD and Blu-Ray at all good retailers!

Cartoon/Comic Artwork!

Pop Ride

Quick thanks out to Masterforce for the delivery and superb packaging of my Pop.  One things for sure they never arrive bent or damaged from Masterforce. Now lets see what we get in the box!

When you get him from your chosen retailer the front wing is detached in the box!

Back of box!

Top down view!

Back side of box!

Front of box! 

Bottom of box!

I.D type of Pop

In the inner plastic tray!

Love this from the box!

Fantastic detail!

Incredible detail look at those Antennae on the helmet!

Close up of the face!

Brilliant Ant face sculpting!

Wonderful Wings!

From behind!

This is why its called a Ride!

Anthony's head can move!

Prepare for take off! 

Training session!

These look amazing together!


To start with this is a fantastic set!  The detailing of Ant-Man and Anthony is simply breathtaking! The Wings may look fragile but they are sturdy and Anthony is also quite hefty.  The paintwork is brilliant too.  Ant-man is a bobblehead and Anthony has a movable head.  If anything its a shame that you can't position Anthony's wings or his antennae or legs as he is quite static!  A great Pop to own that's for sure and he certainly looks great in a boxed or unboxed collection and definitely with other Pop characters!

On the shelf!

I'm not really sure their are any real bad points on this set, the fact that one of the wings comes loose is a great idea to help prevent damage during delivery!  If anything I hope that with the further Ant-Man films we get to see more of his Ant companions!

Deadpool get off!

Looks great with other collectables!


I hope that you have enjoyed this blog and I welcome all your feedback to help improve future reviews!

Until next time look after yourselves!

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