Sent to Earth by Ratbat at the behest of Shockwave to take the Arks resources for the Decepticons....... Trypticon Review!

Transformers Titan Time!

Ahh Transformers love reviewing them!  My love affair with the Robots In Disguise goes back over 35 years now and for me they are part of everyday life.  Today brings us something special...... I purchased this toy from late last year and have only recently got around to opening from my pile of review toys that are building up!  This bot resembles a dinosaur in robot mode and is in fact a triple changing threat to all of the Autobots....... Thats right..... This week I bring to you my Trypticon review!

Autobots Beware he is coming for you!


G1 Trypticon a.k.a Decepticon City is now sat on my desk!  Due to his huge size their is no way he will sit in my light tent..

.lets take a moment to reflect on one of the hugest Transformers to have graced our toylines.... 

This guy was in G1 right?

And he was available in the UK first time around back in 1986 right?

Well firstly yes he was in G1......

In the comic he was sent to Earth shortly after the death of Optimus Prime (the first time!) to obliterate the remaining Autobots that had posed a threat to the Decepticons fiendish plans.  The story was immense and can be found here at Marvel USA comic issue 27 and Marvel UK issues 111/112.

UK Marvel comic]

USA Marvel Comic

In the cartoon he was built from a human city in the 5 faces of Darkness by the Constructicons, this was set shortly after The Animated Movie.  As with a lot of the cartoons back in the 80's certain episodes were deemed not good enough quality for general retail and would be years until they were put into DVD boxsets or available to view on YouTube or other streaming sites.  I couldn'f find a picture of that but I found a nice picture from Call of the Primitives for you underneath instead!

Check out call of the Primitives!

As for availability we got him at the same time as in the U.K like everywhere else right? No! Wrong!  The UK did not receive this at general retail.  For a lot of us the first we knew of Trypticon was from the leaflets showing us what to collect that came bundled in with the toys and only then if it had been surplus stock from overseas.  Some of Europe ( like Italy under the GiG label) did however get him.  In the UK he was only available at places like Harrods and Hamleys and in very small quantity's.   So in essence we had to wait the best part of 30 years to get Trypticon! But would the wait be worth it?

Box Description


We are greeted with a fantastic image of Trypticon in a battle scene against the Autobots. Trypticons name is down the left hand side and Transformers Generations down the right  Along the bottom of the box from left to right we have Platinum Edition, the age rating for this toy, Hasbro's insignia badge, the batteries needed to operate this toy and also multiple languages next to all these.

Lovely Artwork!

Platinum Edition (Whatever that actually means!)

You need 3 batteries!


We have a Decepticon badge on each of these with a black background.

2 sides have just this.....

1 side has this and look a reminder of those batteries!

Bottom of box

From left to right.  Barcode.  How Hasbro distributes and origins of this toy.  List of box contents. And the authentic badge to say this is a genuine item.

blah blah blah...


On the back we have Trypticon in all 3 modes.  His Bio is on the right hand side.  Their is a sign to say the number of steps to Transform him between modes.  Along the bottom we have the origins of the toy, other toys to look out for and warnings about not eating your toys and Hasbro's insignia at the bottom right.

Cmon I want to play!

Trypticon big bad and nasty, yep!

Front Flap


Trypticon Bio G1 (Amalgamated)

"Total Victory requires total destruction"

Doesn't stop blasting until he is knee dip in smoking rubble he is so huge in size and power he is considered an engine of destruction.  Completely without mercy, he hates his comrades and the Autobots and absolutely loathes himself..  The most lethal fighting machine devised by the Decepticons.  In Dinosaur mode jumps 20 miles with rocket backpack.  Shoots heat seeking plasma bombs from his mouth and mind controlling hypno beam from his optical sensor.  As city, has landing and repair bays, communications centre and rotating scanners.  In mobile station mode has laser cannon, rotating blasters, destructo beams and dual photon launchers. Metroplex is the only Autobot that can go toe to toe with him in battle.  Trypticon is accompanied by smaller robots, such as the autonomous Wipe-Out, and his drones Full Tilt and Brunt.

These tech specs have been merged from TF Wiki and his original Tech Specs.

Round 1 FIGHT!!!

From Flap on box

Trypticon just doesn't want to defeat his enemies - he wants to completely obliterate them from Existence.  If it's a bot he is battling he wants to completely reduce them to scrap.  Once they are scrap he will melt them down to sludge.  Cities get reduced to rubble,then stomped to dust.   Once he gets going, there are few forces in the universe that can stop him - among the Autobots only the mighty Metroplex can stand against him in battle.

I prefer my amalgamated G1 Tech Spec tho.....

This is whats in the tray!

Sadly this is not a feature of the toy as he would probably have to be about the size of your house!


First cut the tape at one side.  Then remove the cardboard inner display tray.  Trypticon is secured by string and elastic ties, which all need to be cut. His accessories are secured in a plastic overlay tray, the tape surrounding this tray needs to be cut at the back to allow the tray to swing out.  Then you can remove the assorted parts.

Locked in tighter than a convicted murderer!

Opening up gives you all this!


The instructions are simple and in multiple languages.  One side shows how you insert the batteries and warnings of battery usage.  You will need a screwdriver to undo the screws holding the battery compartments.  The other side shows Trypticons Transformations between his different modes.

Batteries and where to put them......

Follow the steps my students.... you will not go far wrong!


Hasbro this really disappointed me.  I loved placing stickers when I was a child.  The fact their is no sticker sheet and the questionable placement of the ones pre-applied is not good and I feet takes from the toys fun.  

Check out for G1 Trypticon stickers and if need be get some glue gone or equivalent to help you remove the stickers and clean up any residue.  They also produce an upgrade set and stickers for Full-Tilt!

Dinosaur Mode

Pressing the swith the on postion allows Trypticon to walk. He has chromed toes. His arms and legs work together to allow one side to move and then the other.  I find this a very fun feature of the toy and videos on youtube show people having Trypticon races in Dinosaur mode.  His claws can be opened and closed but neither they or his dino arms have any rotation movement.  His head has an orange canopy with an extending gun inside.  His mouth has his lazer breath weapon.   On the left hand side of the head we have the heat rub sign to show his faction. His eyes are yellow.  His mouth can open and shut.  The cannons on his back are lovely and chromed, the missiles within can be pulled out or pushed back in depending on the mode you have Trypticon in.  Rotating the cannons and pointing them outwards from his shoulders outwards allows the head to rotate.... alltho this can be a little tricky depending on how and if you have placed Full Tilt on his chest.  He has spikes on his back and a warning halfway down that says about entanglements with long hair. He has lovely molded detailing all over his dinosaur body.



Prepare for take off with his rocket backpack!

Front view

He is just sooooooooo good!

Lovely molded detail

Close up and his rub sign!

Decepticon City Mode

The first transformation from Dinosaur mode is into his city form.   He has assorted repair bays, helipads and towers.  Full Brunt splits down from his tank mode and disploys as towers on the back of the helipads, 2 smaller towers with radar on both sides of the ramp and Full Brunts main cannon becomes the largest tower at the top of the ramp. Located behind the tower is an orange switch which allows small Decepticon car to slide down his ramp, this works with Wipeout and Full Tilt too.   The tower switch can also be switched on which can be used as a beacon to guide his fellow Decepticons back to base.  The switch in this mode allows Trypticons radar to rotate so that he can locate danger to him and his minions. The ramp extends out from a small section behind his tail to allow the main ramp to reach ground level.  He has 3 ramps, 2 that are added from his accessories to the helipads and one large ramp which is his main body in Dino mode.  Connectors can be added at both ends of his legs (which are now repair bays etc) to allow the combiner leaders, Onslaught and Motormaster (not sure on Hun Grr, Snap Trap etc) to become additional repair bays to his huge city form.  Again Trypicon has lovely moulded city detailing on both side of the ramp

City mode..... works amazingly with DX9 figures!

The Scanners rotate!

The switch flicks for the ramp to work!

Connection for Motormaster and Onslaught!

Birdseye view!

Onslaught conncted!

Motormaster connected!

Battlestation Mode

Folding his "leg sections" back underneath the body allows his toess to become lazer cannons. His smaller towers on the sides of the ramps have the radar replaced with the other 2 weapons that attach via S clips and with the weapons sliding into them.  In this mode the guns can rotate by pressing the switch but his main tower must be lifted out the way to avoid hitting that.  Full brunts tower is now a huge cannon that when pressing the button to the on position allows the impression that he is firing.  His Dino shoulder cannons become anti aircarft guns. The helipads flip and ramps are removed to condense him down. The end of his ramp flips over and closes the main ramp section off, from this he has a small set of lazers the flip out. 

Battlestation Mode

Battlestation Mode 2

Tail laser!

Those rockets and lasers can rotate!

Heavay artillery!

Next I am going to chap about Trypticons companions.

Full Tilt


Trypticons little assistant.Most of the time he patrols Trypticons city and battlestation grounds.  In dinsosaur mode he resides on his chest as extra armour.



Buggy mode!

Extra armour on Trypticons chest!


Small purple buggy/car mode, with laser pistol attached to his roof.  His weapon then reattaches to his arm in robot mode.  He is a drone of Trypticon.


Trypticons drone tank.  He has no robot mode.  He part forms as towers for Trypticons City and Battlestation mode and becomes the main tower and cannon for said modes. Has a batty switch for a lazer and beacon effect depending on the mode you have him in.

Side view!

Wipe-Out, Full-Tilt and Brunt!



When Trypticon needs small tasks done he calls on Wipe-Out to do them.  He serves Trypticon with so many compliment it annoys the giant titan.  The small Decepticons super quiet engine lets him perform recon work ahead of the slow moving dinousaur, and he is armed with a grease gun.  A duty of Wipe-Outs is to lubricate Trypticons immense joints.

Comic Story
Sent out!

Finds Human!

Grabs Human!

Gets taken care of by Snarl!

Alltho a character in the Marvel comics, Hastak never put him in with any version of the toy, which is a shame as he is based on a black redeco of the Autobot Tailgate.

Mine was a custom made for my by great friend Darthjmz customs.... his facebook page can be found here

Car Mode

Love that white outline badge!

On display at the Ninja's

Look Simon Westwood made one too!

My Video Review of Wipe-Out Custom by Darthjmz customs

Thank you Darthjmz!
(His little square box stickers got lost after this video and have since been replaced!)


First off this is not an original G1 release.... this is the new encore release so I think its only fair to judge it as a new release.  

Lets talk good points! The plastic quality is good, even the accessories plastic seems good (which to be honest on some of the newer reissues hasn't been great in my eyes).  He is very heavy.  Lovely molded detailing.  Lots of accessories which can be displayed in numerous ways.  I love the grey, purple and turquoise colour scheme.  As this is G1 we shall not go into articulation and I can safely say that this more than makes up for that in other areas.  The 3 modes all do their jobs.  The motor can rotate the weapons as well as make Trypticon walk in Dinousaur mode which is brilliant.  I love the fact you can attach Motormaster and Onslaught too!

Big Boy Mode...... he is not to be messed with!

Negatives could be that Brunts cannon does not rotate, an extra secion to make this happen would have been nice, and maybe having the light up laser action flickering would have given the impression of a steady stream of fire.  No sticker mayhem! As a G1 fan their should have been stickers in my opinion and I have heard that some of these suffer from sticker placements being off.  He takes up a lot of space in city mode and especially when you add the combiner leaders.  I wish that he had some firing missiles like his counterpart Metroplex.  Lots of accessories, keep an eye that you do not lose them or your children decide that they like that part and decide to walk off with them.  He does not come with his own Wipe-Out!  Full tilt needs rubber tyres! And last but not least some of the accessories have sprue markings.

Hate sprue marks

This is the underneat of Brunts cannon, i wish it rotated like a tank!

Lets sum things up...... Trypticon is a brilliant G1 toy.  First off I was a bit uneasy as I looked and thought that this was going to be quite a complicated toy, its safe to say he has an easy Transformation between all his modes (according to the instructions 6 steps!) and on top of that he is a great fun toy to have and play with.  G1 collectors should be happy as this will look great with their original toys and collectors in general should love this toy.  The good points far outway the badpoints... and to be honest the bad points are mostly my own niggles.  Thouroughly recommend and at the time of this review could be bought online from £60 and postage from various retailers and Amazon. Now thats a great price, especially considering a couple years back a G1 loose complete would easily have set you back around £200.  Just pure fun, heavily recommend to all fans of Transforming dinosaurs!

Achievement unlocked 1000 pts Grail on display!

Mr Sids G2 Trypticon - Amazing! (Metroplex is funky too!)

I thought about this from the comic....... Team Dinobot is the alternative to Metroplex!

Thanks for reading my review!

Special Thanks

Teletraan 1!
Deviant art!
Marvel UK/USA
My Mentors!
Darthjmz customs!
Jeremy, Jimmy and Matt for keeping me sane!
Simon Westwood!
Sid Beckett!
Katy for slicing the living room table!

Trypticon on Deviantart by Joeteanby!

Cartoon style call of the Primitives by Mattmoylan from Deviantart!


  1. Thanks for the Wipeout love!! Excellent review!

    1. Was a pleasure to review him! Thanks for making me one :) And glad you enjoyed the review!

  2. Amazon review. Dinosaur War is my favourite. That custom wipe out is the best! Great episode call of the primitives. You summed it all update so well Bro.

    1. Thanks Chris really glad you enjoyed it!