"Me Grimlock say" "Execute them!" ... The Sharkticons look up with an evil grin! (Transformers)

Back to the real movie........

Episode 10

Quick shout out to that man Peter Spelios who's Birthday it is today! Peter have a wonderful day and I hope you like my latest blog!

One of Peters credits are to Transformers R.I.D character Sky-Byte

Lets start!

Well here we are again folks!  This weeks blog brings us back to Transformers: The Movie and some of the bad guys who are neither Autobot or Decepticon (well at least not officially in my eyes, no matter how they were packaged)!  We first come across these bad guys during the judging by the Quintessons of Hot Rod and Kup (and Grimlock too if you read the original marvel comic adaption).  The Quintessons judge them innocent and drop the bridge our heros are stood on so that they fall to a watery doom.  The electric handcuffs are disabled and Kup and Hot Rod drop to the bottom of the water pit!  On reaching the bottom they decide that they haven't enough energy for a shoot out and Transform to vehicle mode to have a Destruction Derby with the Sharkticons!  Its the Sharkticons that we will be looking at today!

The original comic adaption!  Thank goodness for the net as mine is in tatters!

Quintessa the Sharkticons home planet!

Its nice to get back to revisiting toys of yesteryear!  For this review I will be taking out my Grandaddy Gnaw and his spare part brother (who i picked up cheap but never got around to replacing the parts), the Unique Toys Sharkies and the IGear Sharks.  All 3 great renditions of the Sharkticons from the original Movie. I'll try and give you my honest opinion of each type of toy but at the same time will not say which is better than which as its up to yourself which is best for your own collection!

I see you!

Has Hot Rod bitten off more than he can chew?

Gimme back my tail!

Robot Mode!

Sharkticons are large, unintelligent, large in number and always have an appetite, in short, they are the perfect soldiers for the Quintessons. The Quintessons throw their captives into a large tank full of the deadly piranha like Sharktcons after each trial. Individually Sharkticons do not last long in battles, like piranha they are deadly in groups and with their razor teeth and claws can eat a full-sized robot in a few seconds!

G1 Gnaw
Love seeing the G1 box..... unfortunately its not mine!

Gnaws Techspec!

Munch Munch

Doesn't look fierce enough in this mode right?

Gotta love G1 Gnaw tho!

The Gnaw toy was released back in 1986, one of the toys that did not make it to the UK market.  A brilliant  toy tho, nice simple transformation and looks great on display and he really is a nice chunky quality!  Well recommended to any G1 collector.  Just to add a comment that one of my Gnaws is actually incomplete and was picked up in a junker lot but he still looks great on display right!

Unique Toys Sharkies

One of the first products for Unique Toys after Warlord were the Sharkies!

Prototype stage!

:Longggggggggggg box!

Nice pic of the trio

Shark mode

Be warned!

The box wasn't glossy but it did have lovely pics!

Choose your Sharkie!

Robot mode!

Love Sharkie mode!

 Back view

Those fins are sharp!



We are not amused!

Great Transformation, really a nice snug fit when going from robot to shark mode.  Nice set of accessories. Would have like the antennae to have fit in better as they are a bit loose.  Have to say that the quality was a bit light and fragile.  Saying that tho..... they look fantastic on display, and the transformation is awesome.  The 3 different faces are a lovely touch.  Lovely paint job.  Watch a youtube review to see if these suit you!


I did have this 3 pack set briefly.... but circumstances meant I had to sell it.  Most of the following photos are from my friends who have given me permission to share with you (alltho 1 or 2 photos are from google).

I had this as a postcard!

Prototype stage!

Fantastic packaging, look at that shiny finish..... and the photos not bad either!

Thanks to that lovely lass with the green hair!

That nice lady shared 2 photos for you amazing people to enjoy! 

Just to add that the 3 pack Sharks each have a different face!

Igear Leader of Sharks

Going back to the above paragraph alltho I got rid of my IGear shark 3 pack I did keep this from the set!

Front of box!

Top of box


Lovely pic on side 

Lovely pic on other side

Love the short cartoon on the back!

What you get!

Very purple!

Looks great from the side!

Great in Shark mode!

Full length body shot

Amazing face sculpt!

Transformation is not complex.  I would say a slightly better quality to the plastic than the UT Sharkies and slightly better articulation. Great for troop building, if any improvement I would say articulate hands but I say that for everything!  Nice packaging, slightly larger than UT Sharkies I highly recommend watching reviews on Youtube before deciding which Shark suits you!

A few more photos from dudes I know

Igear bot modes thanks Daim!

Lovely photos from Daim again!

Unique Toys left, Igear right

Igear left, Unique Toys left

Thanks to that dude Bryce for this photo! Igear and G1

Shark Clones

One of Dr Wu's first products, the clones didn't transform.... but the box did!

Transformers Galaxy Presents!

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

Pic 6 Me Grimlock King!

Chris sent me this, thanks buddy Sharky is treasured in my collection!

I heard not many actually made it from the factorys due to being fragile

Box transformed into a shark!

Very fragile in nature but are amazing on display!  Thank you Transformers Galaxy for your photos and permission to use them!


Charticons exclusive

These were a convention exclusive for Charticon 2013 I believe (maybe it was earlier feedback welcome)!  Reviews of this fellow can be found on Youtube and from time to time they come up for sale on Ebay!

I had great fund doing this review for you!

Thanks for reading and look after yourselves!

Special Thanks!

My friend Keith and Transformers Galaxy
Chris for the Shark Clone
Daim Choc
Google for the plethora of photos of toys that I did not have myself
Bens Collectables
My Mentors who continue to inspire me
MattMan  and Ninja James
And Katy who continues to feed me!
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Watch Transformers The Movie (the animated one!) still by far the best!

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  1. Again a great read, your doing some really good stuff here mate. Its nice to see the pics as well and some of them I had not seen before.

    1. Thanks dude, really glad you enjoyed it :D

  2. Awesome man. I didn't realize there where so many out there.

  3. Thanks James, your support is amazing my friend!