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Episode 13

Well I've heard of a Rabbit before but whats this???

Going back a few days ago and the situation where my sons teacher said there was no such thing as a book called Jurassic Park (which we managed to get a copy and prove his teacher spectacularly wrong), we came across these little pop vinyl (in essence) Labbits in the Pound shop at the shopping centre!  After pondering for a while I took the 3 on the shelf and thought they would make something different to look at for a review for my readers!  After a bit of research these Labbits can be sold from anywhere from £1each (which I paid) to around £13 each.  The store only had the 3 I reviewed but I will try and keep an eye out for the rest of the set for you guys....... unless..... one of you guys see the others in which case please contact me and I will reimburse you and the postage guaranteed!  Onwards to find out more about Labbits!  Thanks to Dave who has message me to tell me his store has the rest of the set and I will add their pics and information to the review when they arrive!

I want a Deadpool Labbit........ don't look at prices on Ebay!


Labbit is a smoking, unshaven rabbit character created by pop artist Frank Kozik. Originally featured in Kozik's nineties rock poster art, Labbit and his signature butthole were adopted by Kidrobot in 2003. This beloved chain smoker is a born classic. But who cares. Labbit doesn't. Labbit is an exclusive Kidrobot brand.

This is what a Traditional Labbit is... He isn;t smoking he is Smorkin (seriously thats how these ones are labelled)!

Wild Labbits tend to breed and mum always has a moustache!

Well apparently Labbits are well known for their buttholes!?!?!

We will be looking at 3 from this set that were released in 2012!

Red Hood Labbit

.Even though he was trained as a sidekick, this Labbit ainĂ­t no Boy Wonder. 2.5-inch red hooded vinyl anti-hero with a souvenir card, gun and an accessory grenade. One of six deeply disgruntled DC Universe Labbit Blister Card figures

Cyborg Labbit

Nicely presented

Little bit of background info on the card


Red Hood Labbit Deadly Assassin!

Detailing is nice!


Cyborg Labbit

Guzzling bandwidth, this 2.5-inch social media hungry titan has exposed wires, creaky prosthetics and an accessory oil can. One of six deeply disgruntled DC Universe Labbit Blister Card figures, Cyborg Labbit will change the channel on your TV just to mess with you. No Labbit League is complete without him!

Quite Shiny in package!

Background Story!

Eye see you!

Supping back on the Juice!

Nice detailing!


Bane Labbit

This is the Bane Labbit from the DC Universe Labbit Blister series, designed by Frank Kozik.
Bane Labbit has rage issues. 2.5-inch Batman-breaking vinyl with white mask and dumbbell accessory. One of six deeply disgruntled DC Universe Labbit Blister Card figures, this juiced up genius has turned his intellect to Labbity mayhem and will be as ornery as he wants to be.

Again nicely presented!

Others in the set!

Evil isn't he!

Hey, I work out "Arnie's Voice"

Paint detailing is nice

Backpack is painted on!

Ok, down to the nitty gritty!

Well where to start..... they are not the highest of quality product I have ever had but they are cheap and cheerful. Reflecting the price are they worth a £1 each, then yes I would say so.  At full price which is around £13 each I would have preferred to see more accessories like an actual mask for Redhood, Eye piece for Cyborg, and a backpack with tubes for Bane.  They are lovely decorated as you can all see and the accessories that come with them are fine.... but.... why didn't the designer get the hole for the mouth made bigger?  I had to use a pair of unopened scissors to gently pry the mouths open a little bit more, not a great deal of effort but still at full price you should not have to do this!  They look nice on display... which reminds me I think I will get you a picture of them next to a Pop Vinyl box to show you their actual size!  Luckily I paid a £1 each for these designer toys...... and lets face it i wouldn't want to really pay any more than that.  I don't think these are awful and the quality is not bad, should you buy? Well if you like the characters and assorted vinyl figures than yes I would recommend but I wouldn't recommend you buy from anywhere other than your local Poundland/World/bargain store!  My last thought is that I much prefer these DC Labbits than the Smorkin ones!

look ok on the shelf don't they!

Labbits with a few friends

Varying sizes of Vinyl figures with Labbits!

Other types of Labbit

Well there are many variations  and customs of Labbits according to Google.  I had a quick look around and grabbed a few photos to show you guys just a few different sorts if any of you wanted to pick these up!

Your everyday Labbit!

Oh yea, don't forget their's books on these too!

Labbit fun is over!  Hope you enjoyed the read and remember carrots help you see in the dark!

Special Thanks!

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MattMan  and Ninja James
And Katy for taking the kids to school!

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