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This weeks review is in association with Branded Toys And Collectibles! 

First off I would like to apologise for my absence for the last few weeks.  As a family man first, my wife Katy and I took our children down to the Great Yarmouth area for a holiday.  We stayed at the Breydon Waters Holiday Park, it was very nice and very busy with families too.  I highly recommend their site as its very nice and clean but be prepared for the outside pool as it is not heated!

On the second day of our holiday we decided to go out and about and get a feel for the area.  The top end of the town, well the shop end,  has lots of charity shops, cash generator type shops (second hand/ preowned goods shops), banks, c.e.x  and a lovely small market (theirs more but you get the drift).  Walking down the road towards the beach you can feel your at a seaside town. 

Don't walk by go and look inside!

Just over halfway down the main street we came to another market.  The kids at this time were desperate for the toilet and with the hot weather Katy and I needed a drink.  Taking the right hand entrance into the Indoor Market we spotted a wall display with Funko Pops.  Seeing this made me want to go and explore, but first things first, we were going to sit in the cafe and have a drink and get the children to the toilet! 

I had to wait ages to get this photo, Great Yarmouth is a busy place!

My eldest lad Lewis decided he was going to have a wander about the Market and came back telling us about a shop he had found that was just around from the cafe where we were sat. Lewis was very excited, he chattered so quickly that to any passers by it must have seemed like complete gibberish!

After drinking our drinks and ensuring our children had used the toilet (as you never know when on holiday (holidays are the U.K word for vacation) where the next available toilet could be) we left the cafe.  The walk was short, a complete silence filled the air and it was like the heavens had opened and sang hallelujah! Their in the middle of this Indoor Market was one of the greatest sights for a collector that I had ever seen.   At first glance Funko Pops were arranged and displayed everywhere!  It became apparent after a short time we had come across a retailer who stocks a lot more than Funko products, the photos later in my blog will show you the huge assortment of collectables on offer!  We had arrived at Branded Toys and Collectibles!

Covering a large area of the mini market, Branded Toys and Collectibles have an enormous range of collectibles.  If you enter the market through the left hand side you will see that their are Funko Pops displayed all around the outside of the entrances into all their shops and cabinets everywhere, this amazing retail outlet is a collectors paradise!  Branded Toys has by far the largest amount of Funko Pops on sale that I have ever seen and they have many variants and exclusives, and other Funko products, like Pens, Rides, Dorbz infact wow, just so much awesomeness!  

Going off on a tangent for one second, just a quick note to all my readers that since I changed my camera you can now zoom in on pictures (you need to download my photos and use your picture viewer on your tablet/pc) with no detail loss and I really do recommend that you zoom in on some (or all if you have time) of the photos coming up.

If you look in the second cabinet you can see me!

Funko Pops!!!!

Look up there Funko Pop Rides!

It really is amazing how much space Funko's take up!

Those Floor Mats are epic!

Huge amount of Star Wars!

Chromed goodness!

So much Funko......

Tsum Tsum!

We want a Spiderman or Superman sweet (candy to my American readers) holder!

This is the second shop..... 

Aliens and Predator...... look at that mask on the top shelf!

Lots of Doctor Who and Adventure Time, Aliens, Power Rangers, Halo, Breaking Bad and look Transformers Construct-A-Bots plus much much more!

Funko Pens...... Katy bought Hagrid!

Lots of cards and MLP!

You don't know how much I wanted that Han Solo in carbonite!


Disney time!

Can you build a snowman? That's right Frozen!

The way my collection is going I need more Detolfs!

Remember zoom in on the photos their is so much!

I'm not sure the fudge and toffee belonged to them.......

Who ya gonna call?

Just pure WOW!

The photos are great but still I would like to stress that I may not have got all their products shown.  You really must go and see the shop it is an amazing experience!  There are thousands of items!

You can write to Branded at this address!

A delivery service is available, and with tracking on every item sold you can track your parcel all the way to your home!  I was even taken to the warehouse to show all the packaging materials and boxes used in your parcels.  Trust me these guys want your stuff to arrive in the same condition as its sent out to you!

  Bulletproof packaging!

So to sum things up for you all.  This is an amazing shop the amount of items on offer is incredible!  The customer service is friendly and outstanding! Just remember guys, Branded Toys are situated inside the mini market, this means that when the market is closed they may not be able to respond.  The best time to contact them is during the day between 10am and 5pm, and remember if your in the area they are open 7 days a week, just be prepared to take a long time looking around as you don't want to miss anything!

But your asking what did I get? Well I'll show you a photo and try to get the reviews up a.s.a.p. Please guys if you could mention that you saw my review of their shop when you contact them, that would be awesome!

 Branded Toys have the new Star Wars Funko's and Look other dimension Zoidberg whoop whoop whoop!

Thanks Pino!

I cannot wait to visit Branded again!

Special Thanks

Branded Toys And Collectibles and all their staff!
Katy for suggesting it was Coffee time!
My children for the football on the beach!
Zoidberg clip from Pino on YouTube!

Oh yes and if you do need a map to find Branded Toys just look below!

The chequered flag is Branded Toys And Collectibles location!

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Thanks for reading!  And thank you again Branded Toys!

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