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Hi everyone!  Its been about 6 or 7 weeks since my last review and first of all I thought I should tell you why!  To be honest the quality of my photos started to annoy me, I don't blame the equipment I was using, more the fact that I was becoming a bit snobbish and wanted to give you guys and gals the best photos I could.  Thanks to the lovely Katy for my superb new camera and the amazing Emalie and Matt for their joint present of a light studio we are now finally able to begin on a new season of reviews!

Of recent note I have decided to shorten the reviews, I may still do a retro comparison from time to time but have realised if I keep doing that then I could run out of some of the collectables I review!

Ahh so the review is something to do with this right?

Into Masters Of The Universe (MOTU)!

So to start we shall begin by looking at a line of toys that I had been keeping an eye on since the end of last August.  At SDCC 2015 Mattel announced that they would be releasing a new set of their Masters Of The Universe figures to match the cartoon style of the 1980's TV series. Filmation Masters Of The Universe was shown to the world!  As a fan of the original cartoon I saw these and drooled at the thought of having a screen accurate He-Man and Skeletor in my detolfs at home, but things did not go as I had planned.   First off I missed the subscription!  Never having really collected any of the MOTU figures I wasn't quite sure where to begin and kept an eye on social media of how I could acquire these. Then eventually I learned of and the regular updates and release schedules of this new line of figures.

Nice new camera Rog!

Today we will be looking at Trap Jaw.  Special thanks to the amazing Brian Woods of Descendants of Grayskull for helping to source me this figure and his excellent packaging and delivery service, Trap Jaw arrived at my door in lovely mint condition!  I can't stress how much I have been looking forward to this review!

You wouldn't believe what a pain it was to get this photo without getting a reflective shine off the plastic!

Descendants of Grayskull is a facebook group all about MOTU and all the different series's.  Currently they are have a  raffle to win a Filmation Skeletor with lots of raffle tickets still available! Thanks to Michael Bell and Brian for allowing me to join the group and even tho I don't chat much I do assure you guys I love the group its an incredible source of knowledge and all those wonderful photos of peoples collections astonish me!  Don't forget please guys when joining a group to abide by the group rules (not that they really need rules as the group is very friendly).  I love the theme weeks...... check out the banner below of the group!

Current Banner of Descendants of Grayskull!  Jake Paul Schippers work! where dreams can come true!

Quick bio from He-Man Wiki.  A member of the Evil Warriors of Skeletor, Trap Jaw is a cyborge with a mechanical sharp toothed jaw with a deadly bite, and a robotic arm which he can slot a wide range of different weapons. He also has a loop in his helmet, which he can use to slide down wires.

Club Grayskull I edited the outside to black as I felt it went better with the review!

The packaging is right up there with some of the most glossy boxes I have ever seen.



Back of Slipcase

Back of main box

Bottom of box

The use of a slip case to show that you can open these figures and then  nicely put them back in the packages if you wish, was a great idea.

This effect happens when you put the outer box and slip cases with the main box

The figure is glorious.   Just looking at the window of the box it dawned on me that this figure is an amazingly high interpretation of a Filmation Trap Jaw.  The menacing eyes and his Jaw piece really do portray the character amazingly well, it reminds me of being a kid again and being a bit scared of him in the cartoon and thinking of him like the Jaws villain in the Roger Moore James Bond films. So for first impressions the quality looks incredible, the paint of the figure looks outstanding and the accessories look great (but just gonna say now why didn't Matty put the hook arm in... thankfully if you are a member of Descendants of Grayskull their is a fine customizer on their who has created the accessory on shapeways if you choose to buy it!

So out of the box....... well this Trap Jaw character is amazing!  His Joints are lovely and solid, no loosey goosey here!  The paint work matches the 80s cartoon flawlessly.  They toy in hand has a lovely weight to him this is not a cheap plastic this is the real McCoy of quality.  His weapons are not hard to swop about, altho the first time it may be a little tricky (but look at the plug on the end and they swop around easy enough after the first couple of times).  This is a toy in a series of MOTU figures that has to be seen to be believed.
Poseability is the name of the game here!

Safe as houses in their.... you will need scissors for the rubber ties

Instructions are not there......  and you don't need them trust me!

Choose your weapon



It almost looks like he has a whip in the other hand......

Posing like a boss!


Fly swatting champ!

Taking aim!

That pesky fly is back!

He'll catch that fly if he keeps his mouth open!

Did you really need a back view?

He has up and down and side to side movement on his head.  Rotation at the shoulder, bicep swivel, elbow bend and wrist rotation on his normal arm.   His accessory arm has rotation at the shoulder and a rotation on the weapon.  This guy can also bend at the stomach.  Waist Swivel.  Upper leg rotation, knee bend, slight up and down movement and a pivot on the foot too.  Well I really can't stress how good this is!

Look left!

Looking straight on!

Shoulder rotation here and looking right!

Bicep Swivel, Elbow bend and wrist swivel!

Upper thigh rotation, that skirt is rubber and does not get in the way!

Knee bends!

Ankle pivot and foot moves up and down!

Plane flew overhead!

Again..... posing like a boss!

And of course he can do this!

Final thoughts are that this is an incredibly fun collectable toy, the words New Toy Joy are very relevant here.  Mattel you should be proud! Those of you that know me personally will know I love Transformers and for me to be so excited about Mattel's Filmation series will instantly know these are amazing! I have decided that I will pursue the entire series (funds permitting of course)!  Love it just love it, as a fan of the original 80s cartoon series this suits me down to the ground.  Really am pleased with this figure and now I just need to decide if I am going to display him in or out of box and if to give this new line of figures their own cabinet or mix them with my Transformer collection.

Classics Trap Jaw on the right!

Looks amazing with Masterpiece Style Transformers too!

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed the review.  Please like my page on facebook and follow me on twitter.

Special Thanks

Brian Woods for the Filmation Trap Jaw Descendants of Grayskull group my page on facebook my twitter Matty collectors page
Katy, Emalie and Matt for being awesome
He-Man Wiki for the Trap Jaw cartoon image and bio
Giovanni Ricco from Youtube
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  1. Fantastic figure and even better review mate, this is fab. Please keep doing these!