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This pulls on my heartstrings!

Episode 9

Well here we are again!  First of all, all of you who read my blogs on Facebooks Transformers and Funko Groups I would like you all to give yourselves a pat on the back!  Your support is amazing and I am blown away with the private messages that have thanked me for my articles!  So this time around I am going to do one of the figures that is most sentimental to me, and that is  Generation One (G1) Hound!

Tech Specs......... wheres that decoder gone?

My first encounter with Hound came at Christmas in 1984.  He was my first Transformer toy and given to me by my Uncle. At the time I believe I was quite into army toys, like Action Man/ plastic soldiers etc.  To my amazement he Transformed into a Giant Alien Robot, and then I was hooked on these, it hadn't been long that I had been reading the UK Marvel Comics, which made me go back and read all the Transformers comics I had!  The next Transformer came 4 months later...... but that's a story for another blog!

Mine was a lot like this but probably came from Woolworths!

Great Grandaddy is out!



Diecast and rubber tyres - I miss those days!

Hound in the comic and cartoon was one of the original Ark crew.  Notable appearances in the cartoon were the episode where he and Cliffjumper are sent to find the Decepticons, the battle with Rumble at Sherman Dam and the capturing of Ravage all in the first 3 part episode Arrival from Cybertron.  Hound was well known for his tracking abilities to find objects or people and for his love of Earth.   He is also well known for his holograms!

The Original UK VHS Cover

Pass the Dutchie on the left handside!

Nice Kittyyyyy!

Will you take this dance?

Hound was only in Transformers The Movie briefly, in one clip actually...... and he never spoke.

"Well Sunny, there he goes....".

Just discovered that Hound also has some nicknames, Sarge, Nose and Sniffer!


 R.I.P Ken Samson you did an amazing job as Hounds voice actor

Not going into too much detail but below are a few other versions that we have seen these last few years!


E-hobby did the brown Deitrus version as an exclusive.   Transforms exactly the same as G1.

looks lovely in box!

Back of box classic image!

Not mine but heres a pic of what comes with Deitrus!

Takara Collection

One of my fave pieces from my collection!

Nice back of box, detailing fact cards and whats in the box!

Inside the box Takara Hound and his accessories!


These came out in 2003.  They were a more complicated transformation.  The Alternators were made of plastic and the Binaltech mainly diecast.  

Well this was the general release version.... at least this side of the world!

Yummy Yummy Binaltech Diecast!

Both versions look like this in jeep and bot mode!


In 2006 we saw a new series of toys.  These were based on updated versions of the G1 to try and get the toys better articulated to their 1984 counterparts.  The Hound pack was a twin pack and came with the Decepticon cassette Ravage.  We also saw the release on the other side of the world of Henkei and Takara branded products which were basically the same toy with a nicer paint scheme.  Love the fact that Hounds seats become his knees, very ingenious!  My grip is that the balljoints can be loose in these figures but its nothing a dab of clear nail varnish cant sort out!

Front of box!

Back of box!

Nice jeep mode!

Other side view!

Bot mode and his companion from the box!

Lovely head sculpt!

Maketoys Gundog

Wow what can I say! First thanks again to Masterforce for a speedy and well packaged delivery..... for this review I decided the cartoon accurate version but thought I would show you some nice photos of both!  Gundog has amazing Robot and Jeep modes, the paint scheme is stellar (yes. I'm drooling at my own toy)!  The Transformation is complex but a quick look on Youtube or a steady transformation by looking where parts fold and swivel around and you should do it no problem.  I had a Matt to help me. After a few plays I now have the Transformation nailed..... Gundog is a very fine toy, infact a definite keeper and one of my faves of this year so far!  Some of the parts do come off but they simply clip back on.  Everything tabs in lovely.  Lots of pegs if you want to put weapons and parts in other places.  I cant really fault him he is everything a mad Hound collector could ever want!  And oh yes, his articulation is fantastic.  Perhaps someone could do poseable hands for him but its not a great deal.

Gundog boxes side by side!

Back of boxes!

Lovely Gundog picture on side of the box!

Toy version in Robot mode, Toon version in jeep!



Very neatly done!

Everything pegs on superb!

Side view!

Holds his jeep rifle nicely, alltho not intended for this mode!

Lovely and tidy!

Limbo dancer!

Fantastic detailing!

An amazing head sculpt.... apparently their is another head with Maketoys Wrestle... but its not needed!

Swing down the wing mirror panels and hes now cartoon accurate!

Infact  Transforming Gundog was brilliant, me and Matt laughed until we hit the floor (literally).  There were a couple of hairy moments but the best quotes are down below!  I  like the fact he has rubber tyres, really makes a difference to figures these days.  Seriously great toy from seriously great people!

Quotes of the day from Roger and MattMan

"I fucking love the arms on this toy Roger" Matt Dobie 26/2/16

Matt my fricking seat just fell off and my heart has hit the floor.   Roger Olver same day!
(parts just click back on but I didn't know!)

Real life size comparison (Thanks Google!)

Scalewise I think its pretty good!

Amazingly fits in with Masterpiece!

Combiner Wars

Now this is the newest series from Hasbro.  Combiner Wars Hound.  Loosely based on the G1 idea of a jeep and a bot but also being given the combining power to merge with Skylynx, Wheeljack, Smokescreen and Trailbreaker to Form Sky Reign!  According to his box he becomes an arm, but I'm pretty sure he could be a leg too!

Transformation is simple.  But he is a great toy!  Lots of peg holes to place the Guns where you wish them to be as shown in my photos. Everything does have a place and it all pegs in lovely.   Not quite as G1 as I would like but hey, he is still a jeep and kinda the same guy so it works for me!  Comes packaged with a lovely comic book and instructions.  A great fun toy, and I heavily recommend him if its a fun toy your after!  His deco and articulation are brilliant for a deluxe size figure.  I think with the fact these are aimed at kids their isn't much that could be improved.... I hope that they love him as much as I do!

Combiner Wars Bio

"Autobot Hound has everything it takes to make him a good scout: skill, experience, and holographic mapping equipment.   However, his passion for exploring uncharted territory makes him more than good - it makes him irreplaceable!"  (Great Bio!)

Front of box!

Back of box!

This is what else you get!

Ready for battle!

That gun doubling as a shoulder gun is an amazing idea.... they should have offered that with Swindle!

The hand/foot works well as a roof gun!

Lots of options for where those guns are going!

Read comment above....

Ditto for gun.... nice side view!

Other sideview!

Brilliant detail!

Well I put him in limb mode for you!

Just one more as I think he is a superb toy!

The Future

Wow another figure that is due for another incredible homage from Fans Toys!  Early pictures show truly amazing jeep and robot modes and with Fans Toys reputation for quality you can bet that the toy will feature diecast parts.  To note is the Fans Toys face sculpt which is totally amazing!  Another incredible feature is Fans Toys name which is Willy after the jeep Hound is modeled on!   

Fans Toys Willy!

Fans toys Willy Jeep mode views!

An incredible Digibash!

The green above looks a more toy flavour colour........ will we see 2 different paint schemes?

And rumours are that we will also at some point see the Takara Tomy Giants bring us an MP version, and a Xtransbots version as well, like I said its an exciting time to be a fan!

Hound is one of my favourite toys, I have a lot of time and love for this character.  All the versions I have seen do him proud.   I can not wait to see what else we get in the future!

Hope you enjoyed this blog and until next time... Take care!

Special Thanks!

Google for the plethora of photos of toys that I did not have myself
Bens Collectables 
My Mentors who continue to inspire me
MattMan  and Ninja James
And Katy who at this time is having fun with wood engraving

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Quick mention to the fun playable QT version


He really is about this size!

Shout out to Robot Heros!

And a couple from my gallery!

Old timers together!

And one from my gallery!



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