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First off an apology to that lovely lady with the green hair who I told that I would be doing a G1 Transformers review this time around......... as that plan has changed.   We are still going to be looking at Transformers but a different style from the Third Party Company DX9, these turned up on my doorstep early this morning (yes I know that's strange for the postal service these days!).  I'll get to that G1 review I promised that nice lady a bit further down the road!

Return Of The Dark Lords

Onwards with the blog.  Today's review is bought to you by DX9 War in Pocket Doombringers 04 05 06 Retro!  The box is titled Return Of The Dark Lords and features the characters, 04 Plague, 05 Tyrant and 06 Hurricane.  In that order the homage is to Scourge, Galvatron and Cyclonus from Transformers The Animated Movie.... but in cyberverse (small) scale.

I purchased this set from http://masterforce.co.uk/ who wrapped and packed them fantastically for me (you should check them out as they have a great sale on!).... the fact that their was a homage to 3 amazing characters from the Transformers Animated Movie made me want them!  I  have to say this is a set that I went with my gut feeling with.... I am really looking forward to doing this review for all of my readers!

Read on to find out more!


After the Battle of Autobot City 2005  the Decepticons are ordered by Starscream to board Astrotrain and get out of the battle.  Optimus Prime and Megatrons fight had led to the battle turning in the heroic Autobots favour.

In deep space Astrotrain tell the Deceptcons he is struggling with the weight and if they do not do something they will not make it home to Cybertron.  Starscream gives the order to jetison all their damaged and fallen comrades into space.

The broken Decepticons are drawn into the path of the Chaos Bringer Unicron,  The Devourer of planets has need for a servant and Megatron leader of the Decepticons fits that bill.   Megatron agrees to the terms of the deal and is re-created into Galvatron and his warriors into Scourge and the Sweeps and Cyclonus and his armada.




Please watch Transformers the movie the animated film for the rest of the story!

DVD/Blu Ray...

or comic version...... you choose!

At this point just want to remind you guys of my Tyrant review where I did mention this set the following link will take you there....


First Impressions

Just Superb!

Lovely artwork but those tech need detail!

Both sides of the box are like this!

Top of the box shows robot modes!

For the first time ever we have the chance to purchase a set of Galvatron and his lieutenants together in one set!   Hubba hubba hubba what a lovely way to present a set!  A retro style mix of G1 with a funky new design.  The Window lets you see enough of the 3 characters to see that these are very highly detailed figures.!  Nice glossy box!  Picture on the back is fantastic showing other members of the DX9 War in Pocket line that are out there to buy....... however their is one thing that bugs me and that's the tech specs need more detail, the only thing in my opinion that is flawed on this box.  If someone could let me know how the others boxes in this series are in regards to the tech specs it would be appreciated!

Lets get into this box!

Packed securely for delivery!

Inside the box we are presented with a black plastic tray with the 3 figures laid out flat in the moulding.  The tray is cover by a tight fit cover to prevent damage to the figures in transport (and it is tight).  Tyrant is in the middle with his cannon attached,   Plague and Tyrant have their weapons to the side of them.

Simple Instructions but simply amazing quality!

Inside a bag we have the instructions.  They show the steps to change them from robot mode to their vehicle/alt forms, this is highlighted with the movements for each step in red.  The reverse side of the instructions is a blank sheet..... shame we couldn't have had some kind of poster on that side!

In Box Order.........


Hovercraft mode!

Tidy from the back!






Plague is the homage to Scourge.  In my original collecting days of years gone by Scourge was amongst my favourite figures that I owned.  Featuring a Transformation that can be done with very little to none instructions he can turn from Robot to space shuttle type hovercraft.  His paint scheme is reminiscent to his G1 Transformer Cousin.  His articulation is when you start to realise that these War in Pocket characters are special!  Now the vehicles are pretty much static...... but the robot mode....... wow!  His head can move from side to side and can slight tilt forward and back (but that's kinda a trick of his transformation its not a true up and down movement).  His "Wings" can be positioned in robot mode, so if you want them up or down that's completely up to you!  The shoulders are ball jointed which means you can position the arms and with the elbow ball jointed too you can get a great combination of poses!  Its a shame the hands are not articulated but these figures are very small so that may not be possible... but this is just one of my usual nitpicks for figures these days!  His gun is small detailed and strangely not blue like the original g1 but again a minor qualm and I'm sure that creative people out there could quite easily paint it! He features ball joints at the top of the legs and also at the knees which again provides great articulation for your poses! His feet tho do not have ankle tilt...... not that that's every really mattered much to my own personal collection.  Of note, Plague does an even better job of having a "beard" than his g1 cousin.  Some thoughts are that the ball joints are great and not loose, not even once did any joints pop off during the changing of his modes.  The Detailing is incredible but something even better is that this figure is fun! Also unfortunately No weapon storage so look out for where you leave his gun!  One thing to watch for is the wings, the hinge is tight and just go steadily with them as I wouldn't want you to break them ( I don't think they would but just a precaution!).  Oh yea, he also has a waist swivel!


Space Cannon mode!


That cannon is well impressive!

Back of Cannon!

Very tidy underneath! 

Reminds me of Target 2006! 


Very clean back!

Look at that headsculpt!

Decepticons to Earth! 

Tyrant is the homage to the Decepticon Leader Galvatron in this set.   Tyrants paint scheme makes him look like he has just walked off the movie screen which is amazing!  Transformation is a little more complex for this guy but most people should still have no problems turning him from robot to space cannon mode!  His cannon can only be position on his right arm.  His head can move left and right but not up and down.  Again like Plague he has ball joints which allow him to move at the shoulders, elbow, top of leg and knee.  He has waist swivel.  His feet also have ankle tilt!  He has great detail all over. During transformation he has a lovely sliding body for the alt mode change...... it almost makes me want to do a video for you all!  The hands are not articulated but again that doesn't really matter.  His treads in cannon mode don't move.  But do not let this put you off, this is another incredibly fun figure and looks totally amazing on display.  I can not see anything that could possibly break but would just remind people that his round back plate and cannon do detach and re-attach.  Great fun, great toy! Just to add his Cannon does look brilliant on his arm too! Unfortunately his hands and forearm can be seen in cannon mode.

Fantastic Jet mode!

That gun sits lovely on the front!

Those knee pads on the back really do make amazing thrusters!

Love this bot!


Dang you can see the head underneath but only cos the nose section plugs into the back of it!

His chest reminds me of a weight lifter!

Legacy of Unicron pose!

Lovely detail!

From the back.... that nose section on the back can be easily forgiven!

Fantastic Headsculpt again!

Hurricane is the homage to Cyclonus.  Again a fantastic paint scheme.  To me he kinda looks a cross between the IDW comic, classic toy and G1 character.... this is not a bad thing at all as he pulls it off amazingly!  He has the same head, waist swivel and ball joints as Plague and Tyrant and the same non articulated hands also like Plague he has no ankle tilt.  Transformation is as easy as Plague and again he features the clever body sliding mechanism like Tyrant!  His jet/space shuttle mode looks amazing and his knees becoming rocket thrusters was a brilliant idea!  His gun is a little tricky to plug into the nose of the jet... but persist it will go in!   I love this figure and he is the best of the 3 in my opinion.  His hands act like landing gear in alt mode, and his head can be seen on the underneath of that mode.  He has weapon storage like Tyrant where his gun sits on the underneath of the jet nose.  When transforming watch that nose folding over, the joint looks like it could be worn over time so just be easy with it and you should have no troubles. Amazing little figure tho..... really needs to be seen to be believed.  I hope a third party company does a sword for this incredible character!

Final thoughts

Look great in alt mode together! 

This is an amazing and fun set to own. Beautifully presented! Amazing head sculpts for such small figures! I  I thoroughly recommend it to Transformers The Movie fans and people looking to try a new set that's great fun to own.  Their are so many positives for this and they far outweigh the negatives.  The price point is set very nicely, you get 3 figures that are highly poseable and brilliant recreations of the original characters.  If they ever did an upgrade I would love to see Targetmasters for Plague and Hurricane.  Wishing DX9 all the best luck for the future, as long as they keep recreating sets like this I believe they will do well.


Brilliant just brilliant..... great to see that fun is still thought of first sometimes!

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog and see you next time!

Special Thanks

Everyone involved with Transformers The Animated Movie
Emalie, Matt, Jimmy and JT
My Mentors!
Katy for letting me write this on an afternoon when the kids were off school!

Unicron and his servants!

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  1. Great set, bots with beards for the win! Excellent review and pics sir

  2. Excellent review as always Rog! Those lil buggers are neat!

    1. yes they are amazing, its really made me think about having a smaller scale collection now :)