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Psst guys n gals I want to apologize if this seems rushed...... I had no plans to do the write up for this until next week but as its a very good friend of mines Birthday I have fetched this review forward a week.   Happy Birthday to you dear lady and I hope you enjoy this review it is a pleasure to have you as one of my mentors!

Lets get the blog started shall we!

Well guys n gals a few months back I asked a friend of mine if it would be possible to pick up one of the Funko Rides for me.  This Funko Ride came with a very popular character who first appeared in the Marvel Iron Man film.  His ride tho didn't appear until Agents of Shield.  So it gives me great pleasure to show you Director Coulson and his ride Lola from Agents of Shield!

From Wikipedia

Lola is a fully restored 1962 Chevrolet Corvette with modifications based on designs and technologies developed by Howard Stark, Lola is flight capable (VTOL) and equipped with guns that come out of her headlights and flamethrowers and the world's first GPS system. She clearly holds considerable sentimental value for Agent Coulson as it was revealed Phil and his Father worked to restore her.

Picture from Wiki

Last year it was revealed (around comic-con time) that Funko would be releasing Coulson and Lola towards the end of the year!  Being a fan of the show (which gets better all the time don't stop watching at season 1), this ticked all the boxes for a nice collectable to sit on my shelf!  As I revealed up at the top of the page, my friend at Masterforce said he could get me one and thus bang the pre-order was agreed! 

The Cherry Red Glossy finish is amazing, even in the box!

As you can see the "POP RIDES" logo looks great

The normal dribble and Identification number

However this side of the box is lovely, but no matter what i did i couldn't get it clear enough for you (Camera Investment is top of my list)

Lola looks great from the front with her S.H.I.E.L.D badge

:Love the Chevy!

Coulson attaches to the these two pegs via peg holes in his feet!

Director Coulson looks great!

Not much to see from this side!

Birds Eye View!

Coulson and Lola are just amazing!

This is a well thought out and produced Funko Ride.  Both Director Coulson and Lola look incredible they are painted amazingly and yes I think this is a keeper.   The red of Lola is very, very, very nice..... so much so that I wish my car was painted with a glossy finish like this!  Would I recommend you buy this....... Yes for sure, especially if you are a follower of the Television series or the Marvel Films.  Just to add at this point that's one of the reasons I love Funko Pops, they look fantastic and they cover a huge range! 

I would love to see the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D characters released especially the bad guys!  At this time I believe only the first release of Coulson and Agent May are the only characters available to buy!  You can get most of the Marvel film characters readily available tho from all good retailers!

I hope that you guys enjoy this short blog and I welcome any feedback to improve this blog for my next review!  I would like to thank those nice people at Masterforce for the quick, friendly and excellent service getting this little fella to me.

Until next time, look after yourselves!

Special Thanks

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