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Jada Toys Die Casts


First off my family and I would like to wish my brother JT from the U.S.A and his family our condolences for his cousin passing away recently and we would like to dedicate this review to them.

This Weeks Story

So after a weekend of working I am back with a brand new collectable to show you guys and gals!  After having a brief wander around my local ASDA last weekend (which consisted of me buying a cake for my colleagues and some dog treats for Rolo I came across a new line of Collectables from Jadatoys in the boys section of toys at ASDA. These Die cast beauty's are quite heavy and retail at just under the £11 price point, on eBay they cost more plus postage/shipping!  From the availability in stock, ASDA Carry's The Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Marvels Civil War in these figures.

Keep an eye on these at ASDA as they do rollbacks often!

After chatting to my darling wife Katy this morning about how good the Sausage Patty's looked in ASDA we decided to venture out and have a nosey around the store.  After deciding I just had enough money to buy a few things, Katy was nudged in the direction of the Jadatoys products where we looked at the assorted figures on offer!  I was like a kid in a sweet shop, their was a choice of over 10 Die Cast figures!  Todays purchase was of the Jadatoys Metal Die Casts Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT)  Leonardo! Of note, it was good to see all the characters of the TMNTs on offer at ASDA as usually when I get to the shop everything is sold out quickly (but then I do live in a busy town with a Superstore!).

Todays haul also fetched home the Deadpool Blu - Ray!

Jadatoys can be found here on facebook https://www.facebook.com/JadaToys and this Wikipedia link gives you a bit of history and their product range https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jada_Toys

Remember when using light tents its not a place to store curtain clips!

Turtle Power!

Leonardo Origins

Leonardo is considered the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  He is the eldest brother to Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael who are all named after famous Artists.  Leo and his brothers got covered in the mutagen which had the power to make them look like the last living creature they saw, in this case humans but still retaining Turtle like appearance.  Splinter the rat, also became a hybrid too and took it upon himself to train them in the ways of the ninjas, which he learned from his human master by watching him for many years from his rat cage.  Leonardo is more driven than his brothers, he studies and trains relentlessly.  He is also very hard on himself when things go wrong.  His signature weapon are his katana!

Love the old series of Turtles!

http://tmnt2012series.wikia.com/wiki/Leonardo this webisite gives more detailed information on Leonardo!

In Box.

Looking at these figures  they bare a striking resemblance to how the TMNT Leonardo looked in the original cartoon series.   The front of the box shows an arty metal look with the title of the product in block capitals, this pushes the fact that this is a  Die Cast product!  Leonardo looks fantastic holding his Katanas and sitting in his cardboard and plastic prison.  The age restriction says 8 years plus which means I am Ok to have this! Their is also a caution that this is made of heavy die cast metal!

Looks great in package!

Nice Bold Logo!

Nickelodeon for all your fave cartoons!

The first side states cautions! This includes an age restriction that small children under 3 should not have this product, a warning of small parts and a choking hazard and in 10 different languages.... do not eat your toys!
It also shows that the box is recyclable and the European Conformity trademark (CE).

Safety first!

The other side shows the title of the product.  A nice partly draw picture of Leonardo and his name underneath!

Love the packaging!

The top of the box shows the title only of the product.

Not the droids you are looking for.... move along... move along!

The bottom of the box shows the Jada toys logo.  Information on how to contact Jadatoys. Also a lot of information in various languages of warnings about this product and the barcode for the tills to scan is shown!

Jadatoys Logo!

Jadatoys contact information!

Now the back is nice!  We have shown to us different products sold by Jadatoys in this line. We are greeted by a shelf unit with the other Jadatoys turles sat on, they all look great together! The first line is keyrings altho I did not see any of these to purchase.  Middle line shows the figure type we are reviewing today, including the rest of the characters. And the bottom line shows the larger version of these with removable battle armour!  Each various figure/keyring is identified by a letter number combination like this figure is M36 ans so on.  We also have the Jadatoys trademark, warnings, where this product was made and the barcode scanning doobrey! At the top right corner is the Nickelodeon insignia to show this is based on one of their TV series's!
You can collect these too!

Nickelodeon.... didnt we metnion them before?

Open Sesame

Into the box.  The box is taped at the back and both sides and sealed by two cardboard flaps at the side!
Opening the box reveals that the figure is in a plastic tray sitting on a cardboard frame and Leonardo is secured by plastic ties.Leonardo's swords were secure so i had to push the arms downwards to release him.


Grr Let me out!

Useful photo of back from photo above!


 He has some nice weight to him, this is definitely an amazingly cartoon accurate collectable!  His arms are the only articulated part, with a rotation at the shoulder so you can give him some poses.  His Katana can store away nicely in his the holder on his back and you can display them as you wish.  The paint scheme is excellent capturing all the lovely glossy colours of the animation.  These are definitely heavier than Funko Pop Vinyl figures and the paint work is on par if not better than them. I am very pleased with the fine detail, it really does capture the figures essence!

Secure in plastic tray!

Reverse view!

Sliced his way out!

Side view!

Other side view!

Uggg hate screw holes visable on toys!]

His arms can move!

Good snug fit for the katana!

L is for Leo!

Lovely cartoon accurate head!

I would say value for money and definitely considering the normal EBay's R.R.P and P+P.  Leonardo displays lovely with other figure types whether in box or not!

Galvatron you say?

Hop it Yoshi!

Good Snarf!

Got your own movie you say?

Overall I would have to say a nice pleasant surprise to acquire one of these, they are great quality very fun and a great collectable!  I hope that they release a Shredder soon!  I look forward to seeing other product lines released by Jadatoys and using the Facebook link I shared with you guys hope to keep up with all their news!

I love it when a plan comes together!

Jamie Lawson look above Leo!

Special Thanks

My Mentors
Jadatoys Facebook page
http://tmnt2012series.wikia.com/wiki/Leonardo - Leonardo information
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  1. I thought turtles ate pizza. Not sausage. Lol. Awesome review.

  2. Thanks dude, glad you enjoyed it!