MP Red Bumblebee and Nonnef Battle mask!

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That's right guys and gals this weeks review is bought to you in association with!  As a regular customer and friend to the owner, he and I got chatting a few days ago about all sorts of collectables and I was told he was shipping out the MP Red Bee Battle Mask to me to review, Masterforce have an exclusive deal to sell Nonnef products here in the UK. 

I have credited Masterforce in the past for products I have purchased but this is my first exclusive review for them!

Read on for more information and photographs!  This is is a direct link to the MP21 Red Bee Battlemask!

Origins of Red Bumblebee

Micro Change

The Micro Change series in japan was bought to us from Takara in 1982. The MC-04  Mini Car Robo Volkswagon Beetle 03 would later find its way to The Transformers line as Bumblebee.  So in essence, Pre Bumblebee was based on the Takaras choro Q series, this was a robot warrior that transformed into a super deformed style penny racer!

Takara MC- 04 Volkswagon Beetle

Takara cancelled the Microman series when Hasbro financed a cartoon series to promote the toys.  Transformers would recycle the majority of Microman lines characters as its own.


 Throughout 1984 and 1985 Transformers "G1" Bumblebee would be available in his traditional yellow and also red version, according to  former Hasbro Research and Development Vice President George Dunsay this was done to make the line look larger.  The South American market also got other colour versions of "Bee" in the Antex and Estrella lines..

Car Mode Front

Car Mode Back!

Robot Mode

Well he had to be photographed right?


Both G1 Bumblebees in Robot Mode!

G1 Red Bumblebee face close up!

MP 21-R Bumble Red Body

Masterpiece 21-R Bumble Red Body was released as a Cybertron Satellite exclusive.  He would be based on the G1 red version of Bumblebee.  The toy would also be officially endorsed by Volkswagon.

So lets talk a bit more about the Masterpiece release



The front of the box shows Red Bumblebee in car and robot form.  It has a box of Japanese text on the top left which I think states this is the Satellite exclusive release.  The Volkswagen insignia is displayed slap bang top middle and Takara Tomys name is in the top right hand corner.  Along the bottom of the box it tells you product details and little more Japanese text.


Top of the box shows that its a Transformers Masterpiece and some identification of the toy. Takara Tomys name is again in the top right hand corner.


The bottom of the box gives you warnings about the toy and the number to contact Takara Tomys support line.  Their is a hologram sticker to show this is an official product.  And a barcode to show the product number.

Left Side - no matter what I do this photo will not sit flat!

left side from front of the box shows Transformers Masterpiece in the top left hand corner, Takara Tomy in the top right hand side.  A nice Volkswagen photo of Red Bumblebee int the middle and identification of the toy at the bottom left hand side.  Bottom right shows the Volkswagen insignia.


Front right of box shows the top half of Red Bumblebee in the middle.  Top left  shows its a Transformers Masterpiece, Top right shows its a Takara Tomy product and at the bottom left is the toys identification.


Top left of the back of the box shows that this is a Masterpiece Transformer with the toys identification.  Lot of lovely photos of Red Bee with Masterpiece Optimus Prime (Sold separately) can be found here. Their are also some stats for Bee and also the contents of the box are show at the bottom right.

Inside the box
 Plastic Tray and comes with secure lid for Protecting yout collectable!

Instructions and Bio Card

Theirs those wing mirrors!

Opening the box reveals a plastic tray with Red Bumblebee in Volkswagen mode, his spare tyre, his weapon and his alternative face.  Also with the tray is a bio card and his wing mirrors in one packet, and another packet with his instructions.




With His MP Brother

Side by Side

Look Look Look - Amazing Weapon and Spare Wheel Storage!

Red Bumblebee is just glorious!  His Volkswagen is a very faithful representation of said car.  He rolls nicely on all 4 wheels.  In vehicle mode, his gun and wheel attach to the underside, for me, this gives MP Bumblebee the best weapons storage from the Masterpiece cars range.



Reverse Side

Back with license plate holder 

"Right lads, this is how we attach our spare wheel!"

The Transformation is fairly simple and for me I did not have to use instructions. However incase you do not own one I will give a detailed Transformation.   Simply start by taking off the back bumper because during transformation it does tend to fall off, its a simple plug in and pull out and can easily be reattached when you wish.  Next push the front tyres flat to the cars body.  Push down on the front of the car and as you do so untab from the side window and car door and pull forward to reveal the legs.  Next push the legs downwards and fold the front bonnet flap under the car body into the gap you can see there, pull the legs back out flat.  Next separate the legs  Fold the legs straight and turn the separated bonnet half's to 90 degrees, these will now become the feet.   Fold the car doors around the back of the feet, one panel will be the back of the feet and the other will tab into the other side of the feet.  Your bottom half of the body should now be done.  Next take out the license plate holder you can replace this with the spare tyre.  Untab the arms from under the back of the car, swing both all the way around until the car wheels are flush with the waist section of Red Bumblebee. Untab the hands from the wheel arches.Swing the arms from the elbow half a circle and flip out the hands.  Next flip up the back of the car and spin it 180 degrees.  The back section the bumper was attached to can now fold in underneath the roof and the back section of the car has a small tab that tabs into a hole between the wheels on his back.Last of all the rear tyre arch lights on his arms can fold down and under his wrists.  Very nice and tidy transformation, not too technical and good fun.   Oh yes when you have pulled the legs from his body you can spin the Autobot insignia on his chest around so its not visible if you wish.

One minor gripe from me now, I wish that Takara had done arm covers for this guy, I don't like to see gaps on the inside of arms, it doesn't really take anything from this toy I just feel that it would be an improvement.

Red Bumble comes with a laser gun that can fit snugly in either hand.   He also comes with an additional face, you simply push out the other face and plug the other in its place, two small holes that the face plugs into secures it.

Robot Mode of Red Bumblebee is amazing.  He has full head rotation with an up and down movement. His shoulders are on ball joints with a bicep swivel and bend at the elbow.  His wrists however are pinned which does not allow wrist rotation and he has no finger articulation and his hands can not open.  He has waist swivel and bend at the knees and a very slight foot tilt! This is a fantastic and fun toy!  All in all very good articulation, but those hands... I really wish they could have done better (C'mon KFC get some hands done for this guy please)!

Do you need him tho if you got the first MP Bumblebee tho?  Well yes I think you should give him a go!  He goes great with a Diaclone inspired collection and still looks great with your Masterpiece Toys! MP21-R Red Bumble can be found at Masterforce by following this link!

MP 21R also comes with the exclusive coin!

Nice coin holder!

IF I remeber right the engine was in the back of VWs....

The coin is a beaut......... Red Boby...... arghh i'm not rewriting the whole blog!

Face On! Nonnef and Masterforces MP 21 Red Bee Battle Mask!

First lets say thanks to Nonnef and Masterforce for noticing the gap in the market for this addon.

Arghhhh wheres my face!

left and right are the  faces that come with MP Red Bumblebee and in the middle the Nonnef Masterpiece Battle Mask!

Close up of the Glorius Nonnef Masterforce Battle Mask!

Shoot down them 'Cons!

Centre of Gravity!

Lock on target!

Bee to the rescue!

Striking a Pose!

Ready for action Prime!

Just push off the old face and plug in the new face that's how easy it is!   It really is a great price at £7.99 + P&P.  It does not change anything on the figure the transformation remains the same.  Collectors you now can display your Masterpiece Bumblebees so that they all look different which I think is a fantastic idea!  

No bad points really but just watch you don't lose the mask when you take it off as too much force when unplugging the mask can make it fly out from the face and as the faces are small be warey of where you put them down!  My one is a brilliant match for the Red Bumblebee paint scheme!  Alltho I haven't said much about the Mask really I just want to express this does exactly what it says on the label!  Nonnef and Masterforce I would just like to express my thanks for allowing me to look at Red Bumblebees Battle Mask in my opinion it is a brilliant purchase and really gives you the feel of the G1 Toy Red Bumblebee in MP Form!

Choose your face!

Oh yes one last thing! This link will take you to Masterforces current sales page where they have a nice selection of collectable goodies on offer at this time

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Special Thanks

Nonnef Productions
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Katy for having the most patience of anyone I have ever known!

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Playing with himself...

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  1. It's amazing what this mask does. His is the only way he should have come to begin with!!

    1. Yea dude but this was a bit cheaper than the regular one and didnt come with Spike...... perhaps they didnt think people would want the mask for some reason?