MMC Reformatted R18 Anubis AKA Marvel Comics Death's Head

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Nice to get some time to do these reviews for you guys n gals!  Special thanks to you all that have shared/liked and commented on my blogs.  Its great to see that alltho I have been away a few months that you all enjoyed the latest write up. This review is sent out to my friend Derek Rogers hopefully this will help him to make his mind up on this figure!

This review

This review takes us to the furthest reaches of space and to a mechanoid who technically isn't a Transformer.   He likes to think of himself as a freelance peace keeping agent and will take any job that pays! During the 80's UK Marvel comics he was extremely popular which eventually led to him getting his own series and guest appearances in the likes of Dr Who and Dragons Claws,  Simon Furman wrote him fantastially and Geoff Senior was the main guy that bought him to life in the comics. That's right today we will be looking at Mastermind Creations take on Death's Head.  I'll try and give this a fair review as to be quite honest a transforming version of Death's Head really appeals to me.

Heard of you, yes?


Deaths Head first appeared back in the U.K Marvel comic strip issue 113.  Events are set towards the end of Transformers The Movie (Theirs a great new blu ray released now!).  With Rodimus Prime not content that Galvatron had perished when he hurled the Decepticon Leader into space through Unicrons leg, he sent Autobot teams out into space to try and find Galvatrons remains.   In the meantime the Decepticons were regrouped by their Military Commander Shockwave and had restarted the Cybertronian War.   This took Rodimus and the Autobots away from their search, back to war and thus they ended up putting wanted posters all over the galaxy for Galvatron.  Death's Head seeing the reward poster proceeded to find out all information on Galvatron and any known allies to track the Decepticon leader down.

Not typically what one of your childhood hero says!

Deaths head changes appearance the further we get on with his story and he also went from being a backing character in Transformers to getting his own comic, and also appearing in other Marvel stories. His style of speech quite often leaves his statements as more of a question.  Below is the first comic strip that made him his own Marvel Character.

Death's Heads first comic strip "High Noon"

High Noon Tex above was written to stop Hasbro claiming ownership of Deaths Head and to avoid any legal entanglements Death's head had to appear in other comics elsewhere before making his full comic debut.  This story is also reprinted in Incomplete Deaths Head 1,1,'s_Head_(G1) Fun facts on Death's Head sounding like its written by the character

Didn't your mum tell you its rude to point?

Enter MMC  Mastermind Creations


MMCs take starts with Deaths head mentioning he has acquired a new body for 80 thousand Shanix (currency).  He is on a mission to find a Transformer with the same body as he has.  At the end of this story we see different types of body that will be used on Death's Head which makes me concluded this is set sometime before Transformers The Movie.

MMCs Anubis has a lovely comic!

Little bit of other news....

Anubis twin bot release Jaegertron (lockdown) was released at the same time as  him but I have never seen that release so am not sure how to compare him to that.   And in the future I believe the same mold will be used for MMCs take on Cyclonus.

To this day it is believed he still searches for Galvatron!

Here we go!

Anubis was released at the latest TFCon show as an exclusive for that show. I'm not 100% sure but think their was a retail release coming shortly after. Rumours of bad quality control from the TFCon run ment that MMC quickly sorted out issues before retail release.  His outer box opens up to a window and the first page is the comic that comes with him (alltho i preferred when comics were not part of the outter packaging!).

That face should be looking up a tad more!

MMC like to show off things you can do with characters!

Side view.... thinking i liked the previous photo better!

As much detail as the last photo!

This is what happens when you stand your box against the wall!

As Ben says do not eat your toys!

Prisoner of the plastic!

Nearly released from his incarceration!

lot of lovely detail...... and a chainsaw!

Choose your weapon!

Opening the plastic clamshell gives us access to the toy, Inside their is an instruction manual with bio cards and lots of weapons.  Removing Anubis we find he has some lovely colours that give him the appearance he just walked out of the comic.  But this is also where i find my first nitpick, Anubis head is on a kind of stalk, it does not sit solid on the neck.... alltho 'he will end up  on display here I think this will put a lot of people from buying this toy..... hopefully MMC will find a way to release an individual solid head for the people who buy this figure.

Hmm Stalks make me think mushrooms!

MMC you need to replace this neck joint and give Anubis a new head too!

His build is very sturdy.  I do not think that he is quite up to the quality of MMCs recent Carnifex release but this is by no way a bad toy.  Bobby may have just been unlucky when he reviewed this guy and i will link you to his video.

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He comes with multiple weapons that can sit in the holes on top of his backpack or by removing his fists from the arms he can also plug them in there.   His shield sits nicely on his back and his jet wings fold up nicely to give the appearance of a cape like in the Marvel comics.  His hands store in his lower arms when transforming to jet mode.

Hands fold away nicely by opening the wrist flaps!

Anubis is very poseable.  His head can move up and down and from side to side.  His shoulders can move to give you more ways to pose him. He  has a double jointed elbow with bicep swivel.  The hands tho are not articulated and give the appearance of being slightly open.   He does have waist swivel if you go careful and move his cape/backpack out the way when rotating you should get full 360 movement.  The top of his legs has slide around armour and he has a good bend at the knee,  His feet also have ankle tilt.  Anubis has a good solid basic build and his paint scheme is lovely.

Weapons fit nicely.... but apparently not for everyone!

Poses lovely!

Soon to be Headmasterless.....

Dinnertime yes?

Scale junkies hows this?

Watch out for that club Roddy!

The Jet mode in appearance is amazing,  it feels solid and the transformation is fun.  I didn't see any stress marks on  mine from transforming, I believe my figure is from the retail release and not the show so mine may have been looked at more before its release from the factory. Watch those tabs tho, especially the feet as they plug into the top of the jet is not great (persevere you will get there!). The instructions are not difficult to follow. You can move the large wings to your own position of choice.

That shield stores lovely and the detail is amazing.. its just a shame i don't know how he holds it!

Jet mode is awesome!

You can position those wings as you see fit!

The knees become thrusters!

Badcube Sunsurge to give you a clue of size in alt mode!

It's amazing how large Simba is!

Summing up

Good playful solid toy, with a few  niggles.  Great paint scheme!  Definitely a figure with a lot of nostalgia.... this may not suit you if you don't know the Death's Head Character.  The head popping off concerns me (and a lot of potential customers and current owners) but like I said i hope MMC releases a better  version and a few of the tabs could have been done better.  The price didn't seem too bad.  Would like to see some kind of upgrade pack done for this guy especially something that woud enable him to hold his shield! Anubis may not be MMCs most highest rated character but for Deaths Head fans I believe he is a worth while purchase. Thanks Ceno Kibble for this toy for review!  I am look forward to placing Anubis in my cabinet!

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Find you, yes?

Did it occur to anyone else how he would install the weapons on both  hands?

Jet mode is lovely!

Yea I like it, C'mon MMC upgrade kit please!


  1. Awesome review as usual mate, I dont own this figure but it does look fun. The original comics and art for this Death Head are some of the best pieces of fiction from my childhood and will always maintain a speacial place in my heart, thank you for taking the time and trouble to connect with other members of our community and pull together this very lovely coverage of the characters history and new MMC toy.

  2. Thanks buddy for enjoying this review, it was a pleasure to write it! The one main thing with this toy is that they really need to do a new head for him!