Keiths Fantasy Club Simba AKA Masterpiece Victory Leo

Its been a few months since my last review....

My last review was with my good friend Sixshot Changer which can be found of my list of reviews over on the left hand side of this page!  I've been busy around the house with Mrs Madrandom, been a hectic 6 months but we are finally feeling that we have got somewhere!   At the end of the decorating I moved into my new(ish) studio..... so you may see a hint of green in my photos!

Get off my new floor boy!

I'm not going to speak about releases over the last few months we all know  how crazy its been and we all know of all the bargains about.

KFCs newest style logo!

Anyway lets jog on......... Today we are looking at Keith's Fantasy Club Simba.   Simba is a take on the G1 Autobot Victory Leo from the Victory series.  He combines with the G1 Commander Star Sabre to form Victory Sabre!  However for today's review we will just be looking at Simba and discussing if we think this toy is any good!  KFC have had a mixed reputation over the years with figures and accessories but amongst their last few releases Transistor, The Opticlones and The junkyard brothers their reputation has been very favourable. I am hoping for good things!

Keith's Fantasy Club can be found here on facebook

Victory Leo quick sum up

As a character he is a reprogrammed Ginrai,  he has a wild side which gives him a nearly unstoppable power!  His loyalty to his comrades is second to none!

Part of the artwork with Simba!

Simba Flying Lion mode!

Before we open this toy...,.

The box is very nice and glossy!  It gives the appearance to fit in with Takaras Masterpiece Transformers line whilst still remaining faithfull to the E.A.V.I KFC series.    Keiths fantsy club sticker seals are on top and bottom of the box.

Outer box


Side 1

Side 2..... remarkably like side 1

Top of box!

Bottom of box....... look at all those parts!

Out of the box

Wow this guy has heft!  Opening the box reveals the main robot, plenty of weapons and accessories, instructions, bio cards and a poster!

In plastic shell

Instructions with bio cards

Small poster

Back of Instructions

Simba is heavy, I think this surprised a lot of people!   I did a little study beforehand to see if I could play with Simba straight from the box, but you need to be aware that his legs are very tight to the extension point inside them.  Flip up the waist skirts and turn the legs 90 degrees or as close to as you can first.   Taking a small crosshead screwdriver I turned the four screws on the inside of the leg a quarter of a turn just to release the pressure a little and allow easier extension of the legs, to push the legs back in remember to press the small red button in as you do this.

These 4 screws be the rascals that need sorting!

A second warning the gold on his upper torso must not be touched, its rumoured it comes off easily try to beaware of this.

Lovely optics!

Lastly watch when you split the wings at the closest point to Simba's body as they are quite tough to move.... but go careful and you will do it!  Bobby Skullface recently reviewed Simba and mentioned the fangs came off his but KFC have sorted this.

Bobby Skullface review 

I'm not going to talk about the transformations but I will say that KFCs instructions for Simba are great to follow, !  I followed them easily and quickly and got between all 3 modes with no trouble but just remember when putting that jet mode nosecone on to extend the tab inside first!  I am not sure which mode is my personal favourite, quite possibly the jet mode as it took a while for me to appreciate it but certainly to start with it was The Winged Lion mode!


This thing is a beast!  Simba has glorious ratchets that just make you go ahhhhhh when you hear them as you put the toy through its paces!  His colour scheme is lovely consisting of orange, black red and white mainly and he looks like he walked off the Victory show.  He is extremely posable and comes with posable hands too.  He has plenty of accessories for all the modes and i especially like how the nosecone of the jet becomes a shield for Simba!.He has plenty of weapons, his side cannons can extend and retract, his weapons are interchangeable which means they can go where you want to put them.

Posable hands!

Waist guns are on ball joints!

look you can see the slider to extend those guns!

As Ben likes to say.....Mahoosive lazer cannon!

His tail is a super posable whip!

KO Black Hexatron seems small!

I love that shield!

Jiggy baby!

Those weapons can be placed all over!

Megatron you sure you wanna take this guy on?

Those shoulder cannons can also be arm mounted!


All 3 modes are done superbly, i couldn't pick much i didn't like from the modes other than the fact i would have liked it if the arms in jet mode could have been secured a bit better to the body.  But this is a minor quibble from what is one of the best non official Transforming Masterpiece toys I have ever owned!  Another quibble for me is one of the claws in lion mode seems stuck but still this does not ruin anything.  One other thing comes to mind, I just wish the head was a bit more movable in bot mode but again it doesnt ruin anything.  The whip will attach to the mp style handgrip don't give up!


Look at that face!

The bottom of the stand can be attached in lion mode!

Jimmy says "Simba as a toy is fun, chunky, ratchety and solid!  His character is on point and his likeness is solid!"  This ninja does not buy non official Transformers often at all.  I don't think i could have summed this up better myself!

Jet mode!

Again those lazes can be placed in different postitons!

The stand can be used to make the jet mode "fly"


Again those lazers do not have to be in set position..... its your toy after all!

Special mention to Ceno Kibble for hooking me up with this fine toy and a message to you that if you get a chance to get one then do so as Simba is a most excellent toy!  KFC I hope you can keep to this standard as I am extremely impressed by your quality recently!  You do not need Star Sabre to enjoy this toy as a standalone!

Thanks for viewing today!

Ceno Kibble can be found here on facebook

Soon I will take a look at Masterpiece Star Sabre as a follow up to this review and a further review we will examine both toys in Victory Sabre modes!  Thanks Keith for producing a splendid toy!

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