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Hi everyone welcome back to another review! As my title describes this review will be for a toy for your children so Mums and Dads out there sit down with your kids and read the text and show them some nice photos.

Official Hasbro Product!

Our Story begins on a day out to Hull car boot and a trip around the market to buy food for the BBQ. Amongst the Carboot (which to my readers in America is a garage sale but on a field with lots of other people where everyone has pitches and uses the ground or a table to sell their possessions!  I picked up a Masters of the Universe  Mekaneck and a Thundercats Snarf from there which I was very pleased with.

Mekaneck and Snarf!

After the Carboot we took a trip to Toy's R Us to kill some time where I picked up this weeks review figure. Sat there on the sales plinth was a Mr Potato Head "Mixable Mashable Heroes" Optimus Prime and Grimlock under the brand Transformers Rescue bots.  Katy said "Review that!" and so picking one up in hand we took it to the counter and paid for it.

Rescuebots Brand!

Nice Cartoon Artwork!

Potato Head Origins

The original set was like this!

Mr Potato head was sold to the American public for the first time in 1952.  The original toy only contained the parts and no body (which the parents had to provide for their children).  Shortly after its release the toy enclosed  an order form for an additional 50 parts!  Mr Potato Head became the first toy to be advertised on TV and aimed at children rather than the adults. Due to child safety laws the parts had to be made less sharp and this resulted in Mr Potato heads body being included with the toy.   Since his release their have been all sorts of accessories including plane and boat parts, baby parts, pets, friends and even a wife "Mrs Potato Head".  He had a short lived TV series in 1998 but most recently he has been famous for his role in the Disney Pixar Toy Story films. following this link will take you to wikipedia for detailed information on Mr Potato head.

Transformer Related Spud Antics

In 2007 Mr Potato Head crossed paths with Optimus Prime and thus Optimash Prime was born having a resemblance to the G1 Optimus Prime and in 2009 a Bumble Bee version "Bumble Spud" was born.  The Transformers line of Potato Heads fell under the banner of Rescue Bots in 2014 and the Mixable Mashable Heroes line was created.  Since the 2014 recreation Mr Potato head has crossed paths again with Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee and with more Transformers characters, including Starscream, Grimlock Heatwave, Boulder and High Tide.

Heatwave Potato Head

Bolder Potato Head

Bumblebee, Grimlock and Optimus Prime Potato heads

Before Opening

Too big for the lightbox!

Back of Package is lovely!

Bottom of box!

This set is presented beautifully ready for the custom on the shelf!  The front of the box does not say much altho it says "As Optimus Prime and Grimlock" and for ages 2 and over. The back of the box shows other variations of the mashable heroes and is again fantastically done to appeal to your small children! The age rating seems well decided at 2 and over but at this point I would recommend that your child still does not try to eat these toys.  To me its clear that these are  based on a G1 inspired Optimus and Grimloc design so parents may need to explain that these are based on the Grimlock and Optimus Prime of yesteryear even tho the box does say Rescue Bots.  The contents of the box are mentioned, along with the toys place of origin and a nice Hasbro sign.


That breath is hot!

View from behind!

Patting your pets head!

Dino Riding!

Flame doubles as a Sword!

Grimlock is great for posing!

Primes happy face!

Autobot shield!

Close up of Dino head (shut)

Dino head Roar mode!

Prime head!

Sum of parts = 15!

looks better without that seat on his back!

Wow what can I say.  The parts are lovely chunky and bright, you can mix and mash them up to your hearts content!  Optimus Prime and Grimlock do seem faithful representations of the original characters so parents will recognise these!  I like that Optimus Primes shield is the Autobot insignia slightly changed to be a shield shape. This set has all the holes that you can insert the parts into just like any normal Potato Head toy which means that you can mix and match this set with any other Potato head set out there! Grimlock can open and shut his mouth so you can pretend that as a Dinosaur is his time to ciao down.

Mash up

Optimash Prime from 2007

Optimash and his son!

Zany creations 1

Suppers up!

Zany creations 2 Cylon from B.S.G

Zany creations 3 Grim Prime!

Zany creation 4 

Zany creation 5 

Zany creation 6 

Zany creations 7

With Other Collections

Set looks great with Transformers

Set looks great with other figures too!

Yes the transforming part is not there, but your kids still get robots and dinosaurs to play with. Your children and Mr Potato head collectors will love this and they will look great next to your other Potato Heads whether they are boxed or not.  I think that for a toy over 60 years old Mr Potato head has an amazing future in front of him.  Now here's the good part for the parents who want a surprise present for their children...... at this moment he is half price in Toys R Us for £7.49 which is a steal.  This is a really fun set, and to finish off the review I think that the parents out there will enjoy playing with this set with their children!

Other Versions of Mr Potato Head




Darth Tater (See I know one of them!)

Special Thanks

XmasFlix for the youtube Mr Potato head video
Wikipedia and anyone involved with them
Toys R Us
Emalie, Matt, Jimmy and JT
My Mentors!
Katy for teaching me to make cakes...

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  1. Cool review as always, carbooting is indeed a great way to save whilst collecting and the kids always get excited at markets. I think these are fun picks and great thought went into this blog update. Thanks pal!

  2. Thanks as always Chris glad you liked it!