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Funko Star Wars Loving ROTJ (Return of the Jedi)

This review comes to you from the middle of the night!  Its too warm for me and after working the last few nights the change to my body clock has me awake at 3am.   This week is going to be very busy for myself and my family so I have decided to push forward a review from my collection pile.  Knowing that a lot of people love the Funko reviews I bring to you a look at the Underground Exclusive Funko Rancor, Luke Skywalker and Slave Oola 3 pack.

Its been a struggle with this review.  My batteries died twice in my camera and its been an incredibly busy week.  The review was actually wrote and edited over the course of this week and not one night as it may imply.  Read on tho for my review of this Star Wars set!

Todays Review!


This pack is from scenes in Star Wars Return of the Jedi in Jabba The Hutts palace.

Oola is a dancing girl who dances and pleasures Jabba when he demands.  She is always looking to escape from him.  Jabba drops her into the Rancor pit after she displeases him.

Luke falls into The Rancor Pit!

The main scene of this Funko set takes place shortly after with Luke Skywalker making his presence known to Jabba.  Jabba is not happy with Lukes demands and drops him into the Rancor pit. The Rancor grabs Luke who thrusts a Femur into its maws.

For the rest of the story (and a few bits in between) please watch the amazing Sci-Fi film Return of the Jedi, available at all good retailers and many streaming Internet sites.

Blu-Ray or DVD and you could try streaming sites e.g Netflix

Thanks to those great people at Masterforce for allowing me to pre-order this set with them!  Always great packaging from them never had a damaged pop and most of my collection is from them!  Please don't forget to check out the new Gear 4 Geeks website which carrys a large range of collectables especially for those of you that love TV and movie shows!  The links are just below this paragraph to the web shops! -  Gear 4 Geeks


The box is quite heavy which is usual for a 3 pack.  On looking through the window at the size of the characters, the Rancor could have done with being a little bit larger as he would struggle to eat Oola ... unless he had a jaw which dislocates.  The colours of the characters look beautifully done to match their on screen characters, and special notice goes to the Rancor and the bone in Lukes hand which really do have a gritty look.  Luke and Oola come with Star Wars stands.

Top of the box

What I like to call the Peek A Boo pictures with Pop on the top right hand corner of the box

Peek - a - boo ...... makes you think if they could put anything in all that grey area right?

Front of box

Pop displayed on the top left hand side.  The box title top middle with 3 pack wrote at the top right.  Star Wars bottom left.  A picture of the characters in the middle of the box and just above the right hand side corner is the Underground Toys Exclusive sticker.

Official Underground Toys Exclusive Sticker in blue!

left Side of box

Title of the box written vertically down the left hand side of the box.  Pop in the top middle of the box.  The bottom of the box shows the picture of the characters.

Rancor in the Window!
Right Side of box

Pop displayed in the middle top of box.  The title written vertically down the right hand side of the box.  Picture of the characters at the bottom of the box.

Luke and Oola in the window!

Back of the box

Pop displayed top left.  Star Wars  displayed prominently at top middle.  Just under that is the box title and multiple languages saying Vinyl Bobble Heads.  Just up from the bottom left is a picture of the characters in the box and to the right of them are other characters from the series.  Bottom left shows Funko written in smaller letters. and Lucas arts is at the bottom middle of the box.  Under the other characters it says Collect them all and last of all bottom right the box says Disney.  All this is on a blue background set against the white trim of the box.

Lots of other characters to collect!

Bottom of box

On the bottom of the box are the collectable safety warnings.  Their is a sticker saying not for under 3 years of age and multiple warnings in different languages.  We also have another sticker with the identification batch number.  Next to that we have Funko with their web address and address to contact them and origins of this collectable.  We also have a barcode for shop use.  Facebook and Twitter contacts are given and how to contact Funkos distribution in other country's.

Do not eat your collectables - in multiple languages!

Characters in this set

I'll do a brief chat about these characters, more information can be found on the Star Wars Wikipedia/Wookieepedia. and

Slave Oola  

Oola dancing to "stuck in the middle with you!"

Oola was a green skinned humanoid girl.  She was leashed to Jabba the Hutts throne by a collar around her neck.  She wore skimpy clothing for her masters pleasure.  She was Jabbas best dancer, but after her performance in Return of the Jedi Jabba wanted more and tryed to pull her back to him, she disobeyed him and got dropped into the Rancor pit to be devoured.

Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight

"You may have a big stick..... but my one is bigger!"

This Funko is based on the Jedi version of Luke.  When he comes into Return of Jedi we see him clad in black which must mean he has the confidence to believe he is now a Jedi and has come a long way since his role in the Empire Strikes Back.  He has a bone in his hands which he found in the Rancor pit and is his only weapon against the beast.

The Rancor

Its a Tree Monster look at all that bark!

Jabba the Hutt kept a Rancor in a chamber below his Throne room in Return of the Jedi.  From the Star Wars databank it says this about Rancors - They are towering hulks of muscle and reptilian flesh that walk on two stubby legs and use their disproportionately long arms to capture their prey, which they then consume (like Oola the dancing girl).  The Rancor usually also has a designated keeper that has looked after it all its life. 

Box Open

Clear plastic has a habit of flashing back at you!

IT dawns on me as I put this into my light tent the true size of this 3 pack.   The light tent feels like your re-enacting the child's song about 6 in a bed and the little one said "Rollover"!

Oola rollover!

The Rancor is screaming that he is a celebrity and to get him out of there!  Luke is looking on with his cool attitude.  And Oola gives the impression that she is worried, which if you watch the film you will know whats going to happen to her.

Luke and Oola both come on nice flat bases to help them stand.   The Rancor stands by his owe heft.  They are all bobbleheads.  

The sets characters have lovely detailing.  


Dense armour plating!

That chain on his arm shows he is a strong creature!

Rancor has spikes on his armoured shoulders and also on the back of his elbows, he has part of his wall chain attached to his wrist and huge clawed fingers on his hands.  He has yellowing grainy toes.  A huge maw.  Black emotionless killer eyes and what appears to be holes for ears and a kinda nose between his eyes.  Scales and spikes run down his back forming into a tale. The character pulls off the layered look well hence my quote on the photos that he is like a tree monster.  The Funko designers did a brilliant job in my opinion on Rancor.  If anything I just wish we had a little articulation in the arms!

Where is R2???

Great looking bone!

Luke knows the beast is near!

Luke has his Jedi outfit on.  He looks like he has just hit the Rancor pit floor.  The bone is solid in his hand.  His belt gives the impression he has just sucked in his chest ready for the battle to come.  He looks amazing.

Doesn't she look great!

Heavy weight bunches! (If you put sticky eyes on the back of the headband it could almost be another character!)

Oola is very green like her on screen character.  She has her twin bunches, which are very heavy and really do make the bobble feature work well!  She is wearing her skimpy Ann Summers number, which shows a lot of skin.  On her head she has her hair band/tiara accessory.  Compared to Luke she is a very skinny Funko Pop

.  look at the detailing on those toes and sandals!

Funko Info!

Overall Thoughts

This is another Fantastic Star Wars Funko Pop set from Underground Toys.  They are painted to match their on screen characters flawlessly.  Funko fans can look forward to using this set with other Star Wars Funko products to re-enact scenes from Return of the Jedi on their shelves/or in cabinets or how you display your characters!

He doesn't know who Francis is!

A great buy, well worth the money for just the Rancor in my opinion.

Extended Gallery - Rancor Vs ...

I Am Groot! 

Klingons never yield!

Cowabunga dude...... wheres my pizza?


Like I mentioned before tho I really wish for just a touch of articulation in these figures.....  even if it was just arm movement   like on those new Die Cast Metal collectables (See my Turtle review here ).

Thanks for stopping by to ready my review!  Please share to your friends! See you next time!

Special Thanks

Star Wars Wiki
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Disney and Lucasarts and all that are involved with them
Katy for not making me the Rancors dinner!

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    1. It is great, think that I still like the Jabba set just a little better tho :)

  2. Love it!! And Red Bee too!!!!!

    1. Thanks Ninja! Always great to know you enjoyed my review!

  3. Excellent review, I really like the pics too. Its cool how they made the size that bit bigger than the other Pop's and his sculpt looks fun!

    1. It is a great fun set and Rancor is up their with the best Funko's I own :)