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Funko Pops 

Episode 6

Funko Pops are relatively new in my house, Katy and I started to pick them up around 15 months ago.  It began with Ohhhh I like these and from there I went a bit mad to ensure that Katy had a few for Christmas that year.  This led to Funko Pops living in our main room.

The Funko Pop I have chosen for you today is one from a series you may have heard of that was on Television on BBC2 back in June around 1990.  At the time I was a big fan of this series! The episode began with the team at a site that had appeared to be excavated and realising something was looking for them.  To cut to the chase, nearer to the end of the episode, after an exhilarating chase, the villains catch up with our heroes and abduct their leader.  Yes to those who have realised this Funko is the Assimilated version of Captain Picard from Star Trek The Next Generation!  Locutus of Borg had arrived!

Looks Fantastic in the box!  (Which is how I know a lot of people keep their "Pops"

Top of Box Peek-a-boo 

Ready to "Beam Up" to the ship above them!

Blah blah blah!

"Resistance is Futile!"

Front view is better!

Hmmm this view hasn't much detail!

The Funko Face Borgified!


Locutus is a welcome addition to our collection!  His colours, black and purple and hints of silver are fantastic!  He also has simply amazing detail and I'm personally glad to see his hose and cybernetic arm on this figure..... he definitely fits in anyones Star Trek TNG collection as a Borg!  He is the vinyl figure version where he may not have the greatest articulation but will look amazing in or out of the box!  Not really any bad points to tell you about as all tho he does have a little smudging around his Borg eye, you can easily pass it off as Borg circuitry. I would love to see a Funko Borg cube to display him with........ you never know what Funko have up their sleeve I guess!  

I hope that you guys enjoy this short blog and I welcome any feedback to improve this blog for my next review!  I would like to thank those nice people at Masterforce for the quick, friendly and excellent service getting this little fella to me.

Until next time, look after yourselves!

Special Thanks

My Mentors who know who they are!
Anyone affiliated with Star Trek and Funko
Matt and James
And Katy for making my lunch!

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