Blasphemy to the collection!

Episode 3

When the unexpected happens....

Just sometimes you find that after having a rest from the usual weekend stuff (work), tiny feet have been busy.  This fine day my youngest lad climbed my mighty fine detolf to secure a Homer Simpson figure that had been sitting up there for a while.

The story goes that my wife and the kids were giving me an afternoons sleep and so had left the house for a few hours to see her brother and his family.  Whilst there my youngest lad was told that if he got Homer Simpson then he could have in exchange his first 3D printed giant lego man.   And that's what happened, my son returned home and acquired Homer for the trade.

Now you may think I would be upset but far from it!  3D Printed man was decorated by my lad and became his lego Ironman! As a proud Dad I have now put it on display atop my cabinet!

This blog wasn't intended but very welcome to show you guys that sometimes great things do happen.   Lego Iron Man is by far one of the greatest collectables i now own!

Until the next time!

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