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Iron Man - Issue 1 Marvel Movie Collection

This weeks review will be the first issue of the all new Eaglemoss Marvel Movie Collection!  We are going be dedicating this to my friend Jon Strong who is in Hospital and wishing him a speedy recovery and to get home soon.

That hat and eyes are real!  Get well soon buddy!

On a side note - Thanks Masterforce for sending Jon toys to keep him entertained Masterforce from door to ward service!

I Saw An Advert The Other Day....

I saw this advertised on Facebook and thought that I would pick up a copy at the local newsagent to review for my blog readers.  However as with most part works by the time you get to the shop your already further down the road on issues so this took a phone call to Eaglemoss helpline to order.  The guy who took my order was exceptionally helpful and told me it may take up to 21 days to receive thankfully it took less!  Current issues of this new collection can be found at all good Newsagents or ordered Via Eaglemoss's helpline!
Today we are looking at these!

The Magazine comes with a hand painted unmasked Iron Man figure. Priced at £3.99 and available to buy fortnightly!

These come with further issues! They look Amazing!


Based on the comic series of the same name Marvels Avengers Assemble was released to the cinemas in 2012 and is the 6th of the Marvel films. An unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury, Director of Shield, finds himself needing a team the pull the world back from the brink of disaster.  As per usual I give no spoilers and instead direct you to all good retailers to pick up the DVD or Blu Ray version of the film;

DVD or...

Blu Ray (I did not pay that price I paid double!!! Nahh got this double Blu Ray in a 2 for 1 offer!)

The Magazine

Front Cover!

Back Cover (also the DVD and Blu Ray Sleeve)

Robert Downey JR fact file..... the rest is on the other page!

Photo from the issue!

Coming in issue 2! Caroline Flack you have competition!

Lets start with the magazine.  It's nicely written with clear easy to understand English.  The introduction is broken down into 4 main chapters and how to contact Eaglemoss for subscriptions/back issues and how to contact them!  Each page is glossy and covers facts about Iron Man.  The facts are about the Actor, how he came to play Iron Man in Avengers Assemble and a few facts about the movie.  I wish the Magazine would have covered more about Iron Man from his films before tho and had not concentrated mainly on the Avenger Assemble film.  The issue is also full of lovely photos, however their are one or two where they have been edited so that a corner has been cut away where the page number is, which I didn't like.  I would go into some of the information but I don't want to spoil the read for you. Overall the magazine is nicely put together. 

Yes we all like freebies for subscribing!!!

The Figurine

Wrap around silhouettes!

Other side of the Silhouettes


Eaglemoss can be contacted here!


Iron Man Unmasked in Plastic Clamshell!

Front view of Figurine!

Back view of Figurine

From the side!

Doesn't this look amazing!

Ugh red splash on the gold!

Those paintlines needed a tad more care!

Again top of the legs needed just a bit more care!

That facesculpt is brilliant!

The figurine is Unmasked Iron Man.  They are made of a high quality metallic resin  Unmasked Iron Man comes presented nicely in a plastic clamshell placed inside a box.  The box has silhouetted images of the other figures on which i really like.  The figures paint is a nice metallic type it really makes the figure bling. The paintscheme matches Iron Man from Avengers Assemble brilliantly!  I hope for other people that mine is a one off with the paint issues and to be perfectly honest if it wasn't for the fact that I really like to do a detailed review then I probably would not have noticed.  The head is a good likeness of Robert Downey Jr.  The figurine is stood on an A to remind us this is an Avengers character which is nice.
Unfortunately on close inspection of the figure it would appear some of the lines look very hastily done.  My figure has paint blemishes ..... not enough for me to ask the guys at Eaglemoss to replace tho

Overall Opinion

Well this is the first issue.  I am hoping for more on the reading material for issue 2 and onwards.  Have to say tho it is really nicely put together. I think some of the information is a little too basic but at the same time maybe that is just right for people who do not have the knowledge of the Marvel Characters.  The figurine is nice and presented nicely just hope that for other figurines we see a little more care with the painting.  If you subscribe you get nice binders to put the magazines in and whether you like your figurine will look great on display whether in the box or not.  As this first issue was £3.99 I think it was a good price to get people interested!  So overall my thoughts are that this is good but could have been better. If you are more a collector that prefers an articulated figure then I don't think this is for you! I am still undecided about carrying on collecting and reviewing this series but I will make my mind up after the 2nd issue which is about Black Widow!  I think tho this is good value for money and most people will like this, the paint may also be better on yours don't forget these are all hand painted!

Some idea of how large this guy is for you!

No one pets Grimlock!

Looks great with loose figures - and metallic trophy's (well done to my boy!)

Looks great with other boxed figures too!

Special Thanks

Masterforce for looking after Jon
My friends and mentors!
Katy for buying me the biscuits i dunk in my coffee
Wikipedia and Marvel

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog and see you next time!  Jon get well soon!

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Oh allright one more photo!

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