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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away

Episode 11

Wishing my good friend Ken a very Happy Birthday today!  This blog is for you dude!

This guy was introduced back in Empire Strikes back and his story revealed in the Star Wars film Attack of the Clones.  He'll hunt and kill anyone for a bounty, especially any that have crossed the Hutts and Darth Vader!  I am of course talking about Boba Fett!

Boba Fett Traditional Outfit

Film Background

The Empire Strikes Back features Boba Fett as the "next major villain" after Darth Vader. Fett tracks the Millennium Falcon to Cloud City, where Vader captures its passengers andtortures its captain, Han Solo. Wanting to collect a bounty on Solo, Fett confronts Vader about whether Solo will survive carbon freeze. Vader promises that the Empire will compensate Fett if Solo dies; after Solo is determined to be alive, Vader turns him over to Fett.

Return of the Jedi features Boba Fett at Jabba the Hutt's palace where Solo's rescuers are captured, and he travels on Jabba's sail barge to the sarlacc pit, where the prisoners are to be executed. When the prisoners mount an escape he attempts to intervene, and ends up in a tussle with Luke Skywalker, but Solo accidentally ignites Fett's rocket pack, sending the bounty hunter falling into the Sarlacc's mouth.

In the digitally remastered Special Edition version of Star Wars, Boba Fett briefly appears outside the Millennium Falcon while Jabba confronts Han Solo

Acquiring the White Boba Prototype

Well what a week, my youngest son got told that Jurassic Park is not a book!  Teacher had him in tears and very upset.  So his mum and I took a trip into town to Waterstones to find the book of the film.  Luckily they had one copy, we'll look forward to sending the book in with him on World Book Day!

Leaving the store, we were walking back past HMV and I said I wanted to have a quick look at the new items!  We went to the Funko Pop section...... which had been moved...... and then back to the old Pop section to see a few new Star Wars Pops on display!  Snowtrooper caught my eye but then I saw the White Prototype Underground Exclusive Boba Fett and that was it, grabbed, taken to the cashier, shop done!

Photo from - Looks Amazing!

Here's a bit of info I found out for you... Explore the Galaxy's most infamous Bounty Hunters origins with this new Boba Fett Pop Vinyl Figure! He is a bobblehead!  Originally designed in 1978 by Joe Johnstone, the early prototype for Boba Fett featured an all white armour, and introduced much of Boba Fett's trademark weapons and accessories.

Look at the amazing lego version and Slave 1 I found on the internet!

Now onto the Pop

I find HMVs stickers are nice and easy to simply peel off

Looks great in the box!

Side 1 view

Number 8 in this set!

Other great characters to collect!


Usual do not chew your bobblehead!

Normal and Prototype look fantastic side by side!

For you guys that like your sticker!

In the clamshell.... go steady guys he's stuck in there tight!

lovely detail on the arms!

Awesome gorgeous collectable!

Aerial looks great!

Lovely Rocket Pack detail!


Next to the original release!

First of all its incredibly difficult to photo white, I have done my best today but if anyone requests will go back and try and do some more photos tomorrow!  (I quickly did an update on the photos thanks to that great friend from toyboxsoapbox you really should check his reviews if you like Transformers link can be found at the bottom of this page!)

Down to the review!  Wow lovely white figure no blemishes on the paint work and absolutely stunning detail.  His aerial is perfect and so is his rocket pack!  Just wonderful detail his boots are great and so is his belt... you can tell infact that a lot of effort went into this guy!  Something i do want to point out tho is that his aerial is very thin and maybe at risk of breaking, he was packed into his plastic clamshell tightly so be careful if you take him out!  Love the fact these Star Wars Pops come on bases!  Would I recommend to you, yes I would.   He looks fantastic on display and is definitely a keeper!  And he bobbles nicely too!

I hope that you guys enjoy this short blog and I welcome all feedback to improve this blog for my next review!  I would like to thank those nice people at HMV for the excellent customer service today! Dont forget to check out my new page on Facebook where you can see all my reviews!

Until next time, beware the Carbonite!


Special Thanks!

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MattMan  and Ninja James
And Katy for the chauffer service!

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