Deploy Veronica! (Funko)

Episode 8

When the armour is not enough!

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The Hulkbuster armour was made for one thing........ to counter The Hulk.  The Hulkbuster armour first made its appearance back in the 1994 comic strips.  It got its upgrades around 2003 which make it similar in appearance to the latest Avengers film. Veronica is actually the name of the Orbital Platform the Hulkbuster Armour is launched from!  Today I am going to talk about the Marvel Corps Hulkbuster Funko PoP figure.

First Appearance of Hulkbuster in the comics

A year ago whilst I was starting up the Funko collection my wife and I own, I stumbled across a news article revealing that Marvel would be doing a special line of Funko figures.  My great friend Ninja James helped me to sign up for a year to MCC (Marvel Collector Corps), the subscription was for 6 figures a year at around $35 shipped a time.  I thought with the fact we were getting a giant Funko in the first box then this was a bargain!

First impressions Niceeeeee!

Original Subscription banner!

Now this is where the Hulkbuster blog takes a twist........ I am reviewing the 2nd Hulkbuster I actually received!  A good friend of mine wanted to do something for another friend that had been through a really bad time.  He shot me up a message asking if I would let my Hulkbuster go and explained to me what had happened and of course I said yes!  My friend gave me some  Power Rangers stuff in exchange which was wrapped and packed and given to my son last Christmas.  We both did well as in my opinion to make a friend and a little boy happy was far more important.   Shortly after James the Ninja helped me get a second!

Hulkbuster Vs Hulk

Just before Christmas last year James shipped me the box of Funko PoPs he had been gathering (with the 2nd Hulkbuster)!  I remember thinking wow at the shipping price as this was a heavy box and I had a lot more in it then just Hulkbuster!  I remember panicking with James as the box took a strange route and the tracking showed it had visited the Ukraine!

The figure is beautiful and very heavy.  The paintwork really is stunning, from the beautiful red all the way to the stunning details.  This is a very awesome figure to own, and it definitely stands out in any persons collection.  A really well thought out and produced Funko figure and I am pretty sure its desired by not only Funko collectors but most people that collect Marvel figures and especially Iron Man fans!  An absolutely amazing purchase and definitely a keeper!  Thiers nothing I do not like about this figure its just fantastic quality!

Hulkbuster is amazing in box!

Back of box lots of characters available!

Great picture on side of box!

Identification Number!


Blah Blah Blah!

In Clamshell!

look at that lovely paintjob!

Amazing Detailing!

Jaw droppingly awesome!

Look at the detailing on the hands!

The feet too are brilliant!

Arc Reactor!

Marvel Writing!

Funko copyright!

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