Weekend Special - Suits you Sir!

Do you like Carboots?

For those of you who know me personally then you know that I love a good carboot sale! This weekend review will be short and sweet and hopefully give you all a smile! Last week at the carboot I purchased an Addictaball and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Onesie.  Costing me a total of £3 for both items.

Addictaball - can you do it?

I Can Here The Theme Tune!  

But today I wanted to concentrate on the Turtle Onesie.  I love the fact its from the original tv series Turtles from the 80s ..... Infact I went back to purchase this from the ladys carboot (kinda like a garage sale to my American readers) pitch after walking and ermming and arrrring if I wanted to spend the money.   I even tryed to haggle with her over the price but she was not budging from £2 as she said it was new and that it had hardly been used.  It was not staying on the stall tho, it was coming home avec moi!

Turtle Power!

So here's the review........ As a Onesie its warm..... perfect for a cold night or if your wife has pinched the duvet and will not share with you!  It is a very very cool item, I have no qualms about wearing it or answering the door to a caller! Amazingly fun and great material for comfort I heavily recommend these......... be prepared to have to unzip it tho on bathroom trips!  Thoroughly recommended, great purchase..... original price was said to be about £20....... But would I still pay that new? Yes, yes I think I would now that I know how epic these are!  Go buy one you won't regret it!

The Pattern is all over!

Sing The Theme Tune!

Just checking my socks match!

Turtle Power!

Anyway this is a short weekend review!  I wish you all a good weekend and look forward to bringing you your next review next week!  Have fun!

Special Thanks

The Lady at the carboot
All my friends
Beards are in!

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