TFNation 2016 - Where all are one!

Into TFNation 2016 A UK Convention for Transformers Fans!

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Whats this all about!

Hi guys and girls I am going to ramble a bit and then upload you all a zillion photos of the new convention on the block....... TFNation.  Wow I have been so busy this last few weeks, not only have we been on holiday, we have visited Kapow toys (I have pictures that will be up soon!), and I have been to see one of the most amazing friends a guy can have "Matt Dobie" and together travelled to and shared a room at TFNation this year. Thanks to the lovely tube station staff that sent me around London sightseeing too.......

Homecoming! this link takes you to the homepage!

Hilton Floor plan!

Incredible just incredible!

I would just like to take a second an thank all my friends for this weekend, Matt, Chris, Sarah, Stuart, Paul, Kevin, Chris Sixshot and Natt Blurr, Emalie, Gav, Luke, Jamie, Sid, Will, Luke, Andy, Kodie and everyone. Thanks guys for helping me to overcome my over sensitive nature and realise that sometimes I do look into things too much... blah blah blah lets chat TFNation! Thanks to all the TFNation crew and dealers and anyone who helped! Please read on!

Some weirdo's posed for a photo!

Trust Me no matter what I write it wont be enough!

So TFNation what would you like to know? Would you like to know this is probably the greatest event in the UK Transformers calendar year? Yes, yes it was!!!  A personal thank you to Billy Edwards and all his 
crew for a magnificent show.  The entire team was brilliant and helpers such as "Andy" were very well informed to help people.

Matt won the MP Bluestreak and donated it to Toy Fu!

Shortly after check in we went to the main registration desk.  The TFNation volunteers gave us wrist bands (to show we had paid for entrance in and out of the rooms) and a programme of events.

I'd just like to go off on a tangent and let people know that are into the Pokemon Go game that their is a fountain at the back of the hotel which is a pokestop. I think that is how it was pronounced.  Matt seemed to enjoy chasing Pokemon about and even had me swiping purple and blue images and trying to make them move to get ingame items. 

This link is for information on Pokemon Go on Twitter

 Anyway back to TF-Nation.......


list of times for events!

The transformers homaged 3rd party's said hey yes we want to be there and show we produce top of the range toys for collectors and answer your questions and be a big part of your show!!! I will say a massive thanks to Maketoys and Ceno Kibble for their 3rd party panel and the awesome event.  If you asked questions you got given a small gift at the panel!

What a view!

So lets start from the beginning, we checked in and then came down to explore.  From the start this had a professional flavour.  Everything was nicely organised.  The volunteers were all happy and smiling and eager to assist new and familiar faces.  You couldn't buy things on the Friday but guys the wait for Saturday morning was well worth it, catching up with old friends you hadn't seen for a year was amazing!    

On the Saturday there was a massive que to get into the hall!  We were let in at 9am, shortly after that many of the dealer tables had been decimated, if you wanted the small titan returns headmasters they were gone in literally minutes (it seemed like the first half hour and luckily i did manage to find Brawn!).   David and Katrina opened up the proceedings and the crowd were enthralled by these magnificent people! It really was fantastic and you could feel it was going to be great.

Ahh I was looking for Mcdonalds.....

Put your hand down my question is first!

One of the highlights for the attendees was the Maketoys exclusive event!  3rd party's this is how you do things.  Small groups of  us got an invite to an event within TFNation that lasted for approximately 2 and a half hours.  We sat at tables and got to play with and give our thoughts on upcoming toys from this wonderful company.  The mini event took place on the Friday evening and Sunday morning and afternoon, it would have been great for more people to have gone but space was limited and I'm pretty sure that the Maketoys guys and helpers would have needed more time themselves to enjoy the show as each mini event was at least 2 hours.
This is Maketoys Video Spectacular isnt it!

I was joined at the event by the youtube reviewer All In A Blurr, and my good friends Jamie and Matt.... funnily Matt missed his original invite but as their was not many turned up first thing Sunday morning
and he got in then!  Sorry but photography was banned here.... I'll do my best to tell you a few things but their is a flurry from TFNation  with all the lucky attendees to this event telling the world of the products coming, listen and read the comments and piece them all together, the result will tell you that the Cross Dimension line is a sublime experience!

This shows you more than my description!

I love Maketoys, they are one of my favourite 3rd party company's being at this mini event was a dream come true and I have to say this was a huge part of my TFNation Experience, and the customer rep was such a fantastic guy, it was even better that he was a  bit like me and collected all sorts of toys especially products that he could question how they were made and if any ideas could be adapted for use for the brand. this link will take you to the main Maketoys page!

Carrying on with the mini event.......

 For my table we first started with Rioter Despotron, a kind of Han Solo sawn off double barrelled shotgun..... it was Epic.  We had just over 30 minutes with this homage to Megatron, I admit that I struggled a little with the leg transformation but once I got the hang of it it all was intuitive. The crystal (that is in Rioter Despotron) and the story for these figures starts with Striker Manus a homage to Optimus Prime but with the label Cross Dimension, I don't want to ruin the story for you all, but I will say that the artist and writer have done amazing work and you must buy these figures to read the comics.   Maketoys have produced an amazing and fun new line of toys that are unique to anything else out there with Cross Dimension.

Highly Articulated!

That Cannon goes on both arms!

He has a sword...... and it stores away in the Cannon!

Do you like a long one!

Gun Mode is outstanding!

Striker Manus starts with a little note of caution to first push the legs apart at the thighs and then follow the instructions from there.  Striker Manus as much easier to me then Rioter Despotron to transform.  The anime style of these figures has produced amazing articulated toys.  Striker is possibly one of the most amazing toys I have played with and to any of you out there I highly recommend you pick him up.  I love everything about this toy, the more I played with it, the more the inner child in me gushed!  Classics Prime eat your heart out!  If there was a weak spot it was his gun, but it could be condensed down a little bit which made it look a lot more aesthetically pleasing!

The packaging is amazing!

Posing comes naturally to this amazing figure!

Spinning roundhouse kick!

Side by side with Rioter Despotron in Alt Modes!

On the last table we got to play and transform one of the most amazing masterpiece scaled homages to the evil Decepticon leader Megatron I have ever seen.  The toy had a lot of heft, from the first touch it was apparent that this was a bit special (we got told that since handing out these prototypes, Maketoys are on course for an end of September release and that there was a prototype that was further along in the display room).  Somehow All In A Blurr and I found this toy easier to transform than the new cross dimension toys.  I transformed him from gun to robot and back with a little help and one of the helpers was surprised as I had had trouble with the Rioter Despotron but not this version.  He is magnificent a credit to Maketoys in engineering and quality and I shall definitely be purchasing this beaut.  The transformation is fantastic. Its easy to swap between the four faces on offer, the head slides and the face tabs in where the old one came off. The gun mode Despotron had an orange plug that securely sat in the gun barrel but came out easy enough.  This guy will scaled amazing with MP10 (Masterpiece Optimus Prime)

Maketoys loves articulating their figures!

The gun mode is boss! The transformation is clever!

Choose your look!

After we had played with all these amazing and upcoming products we filled out questionnaires to let Maketoys know our opinions.  At the end of the play testing we got to finish watching the Maketoys presentation which revealed some upcoming Cross Dimension figures... of note we got to see Thunder Convoy which is Maketoys Interpretation of PowerMaster Optimus Prime and plain and simple its incredible.  Thanks Maketoys it was an event like this that really elevated the UK Transformers convention to the next level in my book, if the event is on next year and you get the invite DO NOT turn it down, go and enjoy its an experience not to be missed!

Hello MP10 I am your doom!

Maketoys also released a small number of the Striker Manus out to the public to purchase 3 weeks before the rest of the world. via Kapow Toys (they were pretty much gone the first day the play testing ones got sold after the Maketoys event too!) ..... it was just small things like this that really showed TFNation was a UK  Transformers Convention: The Next Generation.

But I have ranted about the 3rd party event too much, we also got to see 5 incredible real cars made to look like their Transformers Counterparts alt modes. People qued for this experience as did I, they photographer was fantastic and they were very awesome to allow me to "Hug A Bug".

Hmm think its cars under those covers?

MP Lambor real life size!

MP Bumble next to him......

Gawd wheres the box and packaging!?

Whats this old thing?

It got an upgrade!

Frenzy altmode is a chair!

Moody git!

Awww much love!

The Forge was where  artists produced prints, badges, magnets and sketches and the Reflector team did your tech card.  I was also able to take a lot of photographs and got the girls cosplaying DJD team when they were having a photo shoot in there!  Also the Transformers Earth Force Game people were there too!

The Forge!!!!

DJD are on the case!

Friendly People!

Lots of nice things!

Soundwave picture is mint!

I think it was lunchtime in here!

Nice poster board!

Get the App!

Pail Goodenough!

Amazing cusions not just TFs!

Bought Katy some nice fridge magnets from the new RID show!


The Hilton also put on many food bars for everyone so that we got a good diverse selection of meals.  You could also eat in the bar.  Their is also a new complex built a short walk behind the hotel with other types of food from gourmet burgers to Nandos. It was great to have the choice!

Guy in front ordered 10 cheeseburgers......

And of course there was the main dealer room with the show hosted by Billy and Katrina.  They spoke to the guest voice actors like Paul Eiding and Richard Newman from Beast Wars and presented different things over the course of the weekend.  Special guests like the IDW comic team plus Simon Furman and Geoff Senior from the original G1 Marvel comic series were also present and happy to give autographs and have a chat.  And of course this was the dealer room where there was the most amazing toys for everyone to purchase!  I shall include my own haul in photos a bit further down the page.


Hmm to buy or not to buy?

Plenty of goodies for everyone!


My Mate Arrun!

Something for everyone!

Nightrider KITT was on this table!

I have the power..... and Nick has the Power Sword!

Nice selection!

There be Dragons here!

Meanwhile on Cybertron....... 

Megatron summons Shockwave to prepare for intruders......

Shockwave imprisons the Autobots!

The Watchman!


Ten Nero Rex's and a helping of Wreck Gar please!

Just mention Scorpinator and people smile!

This chap came all the way from the States!

One day I may pick up a TFCC Runamuck!

Gundam and model kits!

SDCC Fort Max..... A1 toys rule!

This guys titan returns minis were sold in minutes....

Fort Max were a plenty at Kapow..... but I don't think they went home with many?

Kapow likes Brainstorm!

Toy Fu - where everything helps charity!

I see Bay toys!

Citizen Stack..... I once had that!


Go Go Power Rangers........ wait.....

Hmmm yes please one from that box!

Lots of G1 here!

T-Shirt heaven!

There was just so much going on, it was without a question of a doubt the most amazing convention I have ever been to and have no doubt on my mind that I will be heading back next year.  I am sorry if their is something I did not mention...... There was just so much going on...... if you feel I have missed something send me a message and I can add to this blog!

Meet the writers for IDW!

Geoff remember I am your biggest fan!

In a room just down the corridor from the main room was the display event. The upcoming 3rd party toys look totally awesome and I tried to get you some select photos.

Rock Lords!

Beast Wars Collection!

More Beast Wars!

That Prime was impressive......

Nice shells for FP Monstructorcons!


The Legendary toy distributror for Europe!

Transform and Roll Out

Because Prime!

Spectacular...... thinking of getting one now?

Look at that face sculpt!

Kickstarter coming soon!

Real Rubber tyres!

Unrustable B/stard!

These are going to have so many customable parts!

Availabe at Sid Toys on Facebook get in quick tho....

And who doesnt want this guy?

Orange bots rule!

FOC Starscream (from planet X)

Love me some fishcon!

Zone time!

Hmmm Black Zarak yes please!

Contact Shot - Amazing!

Maketoys Destron... it nearly here!

Get this out now! Rioter Despotron!

Don't forget to check out the other photos at the bottom of the page!

Busy Busy Busy!

The last thing tho I would like to talk about is the Saturday night Cosplay competition.  All the entrees were stunning.  It was an amazing moment for me that one of my great friends won the competition, I knew she had worked so hard on the competition and only stopped before heading to TFNation to get me some milk from the shop!  Also kudos to the lady's that came second and allowed me to hold their trophy and get a picture with them a little later on.  And a special note that Seaspray was fantastic and allowed a group of us to have our photo taken with him.  Sorry for blurriness in the photos I did my best in a dark room!

Deaths Head!

Minimus Ambus!



One very happy lassie!

The guy in the middles costume is crap!

This was great!

Sadly the worst part of TFNation...... is saying goodbye to your friends who you may not see for a year or so.....

Gav Burgess amazing man of customs and his assistant Jamie!

I would once again like to thank the TFNation team and everyone involved for putting together this amazing event, all the people who came and supported this new endeavour, the Maketoys team and their assistants, all the dealers, and to all family and friends who helped me to have an experience that totally blew my mind. I apologise for anyone who may have been the recipient of a hug who didn't want one!  Matt Dobie your a legend!

The Legend of Dobie!

Thanks Everyone!

Special Thanks

My Amazing friends
Everyone at TFNation
Maketoys MT Cross Dimension
Sids Comics and Toys
A1 Toys
Daim Choc Reports
TFUK Facebook group
Just Everyone!
And A huge shout out to Katy for fetching my children and my dog to pick me up from the train station!

Everyone loves Rolo!

Thanks guys!

Oh yes and before I run off I got a couple of things too

Geoff signed a few things for me!

Deaths head commissioned 

Gonna go and look for this!

Thanks Lukey G, hope the pint went down well!


My surprise pick up and what a figure!

When i bought him he was full size.....

Face Sculpt on Brawn is incredible!


Maketoys exclusive clear Swerve..... just need a MFB

Convention Exclusive Scorpinator!

Teased what seems like decades ago....

Nero and Feral Queen!

KFC you suprise me with your new found quality and ratcheting  joints!

Skids and Screech my G1 pick up!

Twins! And a G1 kup gun!

This blog is only written for the enjoyment of others, it is not endorsed by TFNation but i do hope they enjoy it and I do not make money from this.

Thanks for reading!

Heres some more from the 3rd Party Display Event (A few photos may have been shown before!)

Until next time take care!


  1. You really captured the convention spirit with this and some amazing memories forever available on these pictures. Thanks for this, it was a great time had by all, one we will never forget!

  2. Thanks to you and everyone who attended for making it such an amazing event bro!